"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers indicate that Thomas will be running amuck during the next two weeks, damaging other relationships as he secures the one he has so desperately tried to obtain. He will finally wear Hope down and she will say yes to his proposal, but as he is joyful, others are in anguish. Brooke and Liam will both be outraged while Ridge will side with his son. This will take a toll on the Bridge marriage and also cause problems for Xander and Zoe. Dr. Buckingham’s daughter will side with Thomas while the Avant’s nephew believes he has evidence that the Forrester heir is a murderer.

'B&B’ allows Thomas to continue his deception

"The Bold and the Beautiful" ended Friday’s episode with a cliffhanger. Thomas manipulated Douglas into proposing to Hope and lied he had nothing to do with it. Soaps She Knows indicates that within the next two weeks, Ms. Logan/Spencer will say yes. Soap Hub indicates that Brooke and Liam will go off the rails when they hear the news. On Friday, Douglas shared with Liam and Brooke that he had asked Hope to marry his dad and become his mom. Both of them knew right away that the child was coached by his father.

"B&B" spoilers say that Brooke will tell Ridge what his son is up to but he will not share her fury. Hope’s mom believes Thomas has been manipulating her daughter, even using his own son.

Ridge won’t understand why his wife feels as she does and their marriage will suffer. Meanwhile, Thomas believes everything is finally going his way and will move forward with plans to make Hope his wife. He actually told her on Friday that he would do anything for her and recalled Emma dying as he spoke.

'B&B' baby switch comes between Xander and Zoe

"B&B" spoilers from Soaps She Knows reveal that the tension between Xander and Zoe will intensify during the next two weeks. The root of it all is the baby switch and the drama continues to escalate. At first, it was simply keeping quiet about Phoebe really being Beth. Next, it was Thomas throwing his weight around and now it includes Emma possibly being murdered and Hope being involved with her killer.

On Friday, Xander watched video footage of Thomas leaving Forrester in his vehicle right behind Emma and is now certain he had something to do with her death.

"B&B" spoilers say that Zoe will decide to agree with Thomas but don’t reveal what It’s related to. She may simply agree the baby switch should be kept secret or she might even decide that it’s better that Emma is now silent. Whatever the reason it will cause conflict in her relationship with Xander. It’s ironic that as Thomas is preparing for a life with Hope, Emma is dead and Brooke and Xander might lose the people they love.