"General Hospital" rumors focus on psychic Sibley, played by veteran actress Veronica Cartwright. Sibley will create much havoc in Port Charles. Ava will contact her to contact Kiki from beyond. Sibley will tell Ava that Kiki has a very important message for her. What is this about? Later, Sibley met Franco and did not hesitate to warn him, telling him that he would soon have health problems. Liz's husband did not give weight to the psychic's words, but unfortunately, he will change his mind. Very soon, in fact, Franco will start to feel sick and will be visited by Dr.

Finn. "GH" rumors tease that Finn will be disconcerted, as he will face a new medical mystery. What strange illness does Franco suffer from? Finn will have to fight against time to find a cure that will save his life.

'General Hospital': Sibley predicts a serious illness for Franco

"General Hospital" rumors tell that the happiness of Franco and Elizabeth will last only a little while. A new drama is about to upset Franco's life. In previous episodes of "GH," Sibley had warned Franco that something bad would happen soon. The psychic, played by Veronica Cartwright, had not convinced the skeptical Franco. Unfortunately, the man will have to change his mind. Franco will begin to feel strange symptoms and will become seriously ill.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dr. Hamilton will face a new medical case. Most likely, it's Franco's mysterious pathology, which will force him to be hospitalized.

At first, fans have speculated that the medical case Hamilton will be dealing with might be Hayden, but this hypothesis has been discarded. School is over, as are bullying issues.

Liz and Franco, therefore, need a new storyline. What illness does Franco suffer from?

Franco, although he didn't believe

Sibley's prediction is that is will be a serious illness. One wonders if his health conditions are so worrying as to fear for life. Finn will have to do everything possible to find out the cause of Franco's health problems.

In this difficult time, Elizabeth will stand by her husband and give him all the support he needs. Fans will see their relationship consolidated even more.

Another storyline of interest is for the character of Sibley. It's Ava who, eager to find out what the deceased Kiki wants to say to her, will establish a close relationship with the psychic. The two women will set to work to probe the dark ground of the Afterlife. Will Kiki contact Ava to reveal something shocking? Meanwhile, Finn will be working to find a cure that can save Franco.