"General Hospital" next episodes will be characterized by many twists and turns. Drew, during the sessions of hypnosis, will begin to remember his past.

According to the rumors of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Drew may remember being the real founder of Dawn of Day. If that were true, many balances would change, as would the position of Shiloh Archer. The past of Shiloh and Drew in Afghanistan will be discussed again. With the help of the therapist, Drew will go to the bottom of his unconscious, coming to explore dark sides of himself that will make him tremble with fear.

Besides, the problematic baby swap involving Wiley will soon take an unexpected turn. Liesl could in fact reveal to Nina that Shiloh is not the biological father of the child. The tension is very high in Port Charles.

Drew in danger, who wants to kill him?

Rumors about the soap opera "General Hospital" aired on ABC tell that Drew could have a terrible fate. It seems that Billy Miller has not appreciated the farewell to the soap by Michelle Stafford and Elizabeth Hendrikinson. Both actresses joined the cast of the famous soap "The Young and the Restless."

According to some rumors, Miller could return to "General Hospital." It seems that Drew, after a long and tormented journey, manages to recover his memories.

Through hypnosis sessions, he'll discover a background on his past that's going to upset him a lot.

Is Drew the real founder of the dangerous DoD sect?

"General Hospital" unofficial spoilers have teased that by July 30, the character of Drew will suffer a significant setback. The novelty is his connection with the Dawn of Day and, consequently, also with Siloh Archer.

Do Drew and Shiloh have dark secrets? One of the many hypotheses sees Drew out of the "GH" canvas. In the past, we know that Shiloh Archer and Drew have spent a long time in Afghanistan. Drew then underwent repeated hypnosis sessions, as he lost all his memories, including those related to his twin Jason.

Let's not forget that Drew, through the chip implanted in his brain, has suffered manipulation of memories, resetting his memory.

Why is Shiloh so interested in Drew's memory retrieval process?

According to the hypothesis of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, soon a terrible memory buried in Drew's memory might come to light. If it turns out that Drew is the true founder of the DoD, for Shiloh they will be serious trouble. Shiloh, now in prison, can't do anything against Drew, but we're sure it won't take long to find a way back to freedom. "General Hospital" rumors damage as likely the death of Drew, will it really be so? Stay tuned for the next news about the soap opera.