Netflix has become well known for producing almost an infinite number of original television shows, leaving fans to wonder whether or not their beloved shows will get a chance at returning for Season 2. Some shows often get overlooked once released and end up being canceled after just a single season. Others manage to stick around for a few seasons before getting written off. This has led to many popular shows receiving an unfortunate cancellation over the past few years.

On Tuesday, Netflix delivered some good news for fans of 'The Society.' Netflix announced that the popular sci-fi series has been renewed for a second season.

Netflix made the announcement through a series of videos made by the cast of 'The Society.' Netflix has confirmed that Chris Keyser will return as showrunner and will continue to serve as executive producer. Production is set to begin later this year and will be released on Netflix in 2020.

'The Society' has become one of Netflix's popular young adult original shows

'The Society' debuted on May 10 with 10 episodes and received rave reviews. The Hollywood Reporter called the show occasionally thoughtful and perceptive. The series has earned an 83 percent rating from critics and 73 percent from viewers on RottenTomatoes.

While Netflix does not release rating data, it has been said that the series was a strong performer globally, which helped earn a second season despite a soft American performance.

Keyser told The Hollywood Reporter that the first season dealt with race and class, but that those issues will expand and continue to come up in the next season.

The teenage drama set itself apart from other shows by debating present-day matters such as the advantages of capitalism versus socialism or democracy versus dictatorship.

'The Society' refuses to take shortcuts as the characters figure out what it means to become a community from the ground up and what the dynamics of their old world means in their new one.

'The Society' has left fans with plenty of questions heading into season two

'The Society' is just one of several series that Keyser is developing.

Keyser is working on Freeform's reboot of 'Party of Five' and other projects. Keyser has become one of the lead negotiators for the Writers Guild over packaging fees.

As we are presented with a second season, we can only hope that the character development and relationships we see continue from season 1.

What left many scratching their heads and drew in viewers, is the endless questions, including whether we are witnessing a parallel universe theory, duplicate town theory or even a social experiment. Fans still have no idea what's really going on.