Shiloh from "General Hospital" gave viewers a sucker punch on Wednesday that came right out of left field. The Quartermaine clan was gathered for the reading of Oscar’s will and it was very emotional. The teen left personal memento’s for his parents, Monica, Ned, Olivia, Josslyn and Cameron. In the end, Alexis said she was going to announce who young Mr. Nero/Quartermaine’s shares of ELQ went to. Ms. Davis began to read how Oscar wanted his stock to go to someone who makes a difference in peoples lives and gave him a place to live. She stopped abruptly and looked so shocked that the attendees asked what was wrong.

At that very moment, a smug Shiloh walked through the door. It looks like the Q’s are about to have a battle royale in their hands.

The Quartermaine’s against Shiloh

It’s been years since the Quartermaine’s have fought over ELQ. Ned stepped out of the way and is allowing Michael to run things. There is not much said these days about the company and it’s been a while since the inside of the offices has been seen. Longtime "General Hospital" viewers can remember a time when there was always someone clawing and scratching to get their hands on more stock, or an outsider gained leverage temporarily took over.

Since Traci left town the remaining members of the clan have all been trying to get along even though the dynamics have changed.

The Q’s are what they used to be on “General Hospital." Jason and Danny are Morgan’s, Drew is a Cain and Jake is a Webber, Michael a Corinthos. and Little Leo is Julian Jerome’s son. Ned and Oscar legally changed their names to Quartermaine but sadly there is no one to carry the sir name into future generations. Even so, the modern family all came together for Oscar’s sake and now instead of infighting, they will band together against the outsider who now has shares of ELQ.

'GH' keeping Shiloh around

"General Hospital" never indicated that Oscar thought so highly of Shiloh, or that he was taking any classes as Brad is doing. There was no indication that the Dawn of Day leader would be included in Oscar’s will. Drew and Kim’s son became ill and died without knowing the truth about the cult guru and had no way of realizing the anguish he would cause his loved ones.

Viewers disappointed that Mr. Archer is now connected to the Q clan may find some satisfaction in knowing an ELQ battle is in the future.

In death, Oscar may have done more for his family than they realize. The Quartermaine clan was getting just a wee bit over the top with everybody being calm and peaceful. needs drama and excitement to keep viewers on their toes and when Shiloh walked into the will reading things really amped up. Alexes seemed shocked by Oscar’s request, so it’s not known how turned up so quickly. If he believes he has gained a victory, rumors for Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate Sam is still trying to take him down. Stay tuned to "General Hospital." weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.