"General Hospital" spoilers do not bring good news. The doctors will inform Carly and Sonny that their son has spina bifida. The child may live a difficult life and in a wheelchair. However, there is a possibility that could make his future life easier. It is a surgical operation, "repairing the meningocele". Carly will have to decide whether to have surgery. The storyline, as on other occasions, will allow "GH" to deal with a sensitive real-life issue that could help families in the same situation.

'General Hospital': Carly's drama

"General Hospital" last spoilers tell that Carly and Sonny, unfortunately, will have to deal with terrible news concerning the health of the child they are going to have.

The doctor of "GH", during previous visits, had already informed Carly of the possibility that the child could suffer from spina bifida. In subsequent visits, this hypothesis will become a reality. Carly will spend sleepless nights, knowing that her baby may suffer for life. The couple will have to think seriously about their future.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Sonny and Carly will be summoned by the doctor, who will explain them the possible solutions. Surgery could make the child's future life less painful. It's uterine surgery, effective in helping their child face a life with fewer problems. Spina bifida is a neonatal condition that can cause very serious physical and mental disabilities.

Sonny and Carly's decision to change their lives in the next 'GH' episodes

"General Hospital" rumors tell that Sonny and Carly will decide not to lose hope and to do everything possible to give their son the chance to have a decent life. In utero surgery could be a good solution. The doctors will explain to the couple that there is a surgery called meningocele repair.

Thanks to this very delicate operation, they could increase the chances for the child to have fewer physical and mental impairments. Sonny and Carly, after a long meditation, will decide to rely on the competence of the doctors. Carly will inform the medical staff that she wants to have the surgery.

Since Carly is no longer very young, the doctors will tell her that she too may be taking risks.

However, the doctors at "GH" will be with her and support her on this difficult journey. The storyline of Carly and Sonny will also serve to deal with a real issue. There are many children who are diagnosed with spina bifida. The episodes of the soap opera will take the opportunity to make scientific information.