"General Hospital" spoilers for the next 2 weeks say that Port Charles will be upset by many unexpected events. Reading Oscar's will reveal some unexpected background on Shiloh. Will Oscar be the key to knocking down the DoD's boss? Carly will be assailed by anxiety, after learning from her doctor that her baby might have spina bifida. Alexis and Kristina will give themselves a chance to clarify themselves, while Charlie will face a sudden bereavement, which will be devastating.

'General Hospital' 1-5 July: Carly's child at risk of spina bifida

"General Hospital" spoilers week of June 1-5, say that Carly will live moments of great tension.

She will realize that her pregnancy is getting harder. Carly will spend a hellish night after being informed by her doctor that her baby may have serious health problems. Unfortunately, during a medical examination, the gynecologist assumed that the baby could be born with spina bifida. Carly will realize that her child will have a disastrous life if the doctor's diagnosis is correct.

Later, Hayden will arrive in Port Charles. According to Soap Dirt, his return to the city will bring news and new storylines. There will also be twists and turns in Alexis. Finally, Kristina will decide to turn her life around and solve the existential problems that have always put her in conflict with her mother.

In order for her intentions to be successful, Alexis will turn to Dr. Neil, who will help both mother and daughter find themselves. Alexis won't be particularly confident, but she will appreciate the fact that Kristina has asked for help and is approaching her.

Other "GH" spoilers say that there will be progress in the relationship between Josslyn and Dev.

Joss is slowly recovering after Oscar's death and Dev seems to be helping her a lot. After all, the two of them are living under the same roof and have the chance to get to know each other very well. However, Cameron's reaction will not be so positive, as the boy will feel excluded and at the same time he will feel certain jealousy towards Josslyn.

The girl will find herself between two fires and will not know how to manage the relationship between Cameron and her new friendship with Dev.

'GH' spoilers week July 8-12: Oscar could knock down Shiloh

"General Hospital" spoilers week of July 8-12 reveal that there will be very romantic moments between Franco and Elizabeth. The two will be happy at the wedding reception, but something unexpected will happen that could turn it all into tragedy. Liesl is, in fact, aware of many secrets and is ready to ruin the lives of several characters, especially Valentin and Sasha. What will you have in mind? According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', Sasha will be forced to make a very risky decision.

Unfortunately, Bobby Spencer's health will deteriorate dramatically.

The woman will collapse again and realize that she can no longer control type 2 diabetes. Scott will be there to help her. A burning revelation will be there during Oscar's reading. In the boy's will there is a secret about Shiloh Archer. Other spoilers say that the truth about Wiley's death is very close. In this storyline, Sonny could be the key to solving the mystery. Stay tuned for the next "General Hospital" spoilers.