Lady Gaga naturally knows how to make a statement with her presence. That process began when the performing singer-songwriter started working the club scene in New York as a teenager. Beyond her knack for style and visual sensation that always captures worldwide camera lenses, Lady Gaga knows how to transform her platform for most meaningful impact.

Throughout her Oscar and Golden Globe run with “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga did more than praise her director and lifelong friend, Bradley Cooper, as a genuine musical artist as well as a director. Stefani Germanotta spoke from the heart at every podium to put forth the message of compassion.

She spoke of the hidden suffering of mental illness, and the necessity of direct and available treatment, free of shame and stigma. As much as the critically and commercially successful saga was about forging a musical career, it was equally about the power of listening and caring about someone else's condition. Stephen Colbert reiterated those themes when Lady Gaga paid him a visit.

Thousands were listening around the world to Lady Gaga this weekend, as Pride events both celebrated and commemorated the 50 years since the Stonewall Inn confrontation, as reported June 29 by Billboard and numerous other outlets.

Mother Monster made her words matter to the crowds gathered in New York and a very special senior fan couldn't believe his eyes or his ears when he learned he was going to Las Vegas to see the iconic star herself on stage.

Purely from the heart

“I love you so, so much!” Gaga greeted the gathered crowd. The artist could hardly contain the emotion between her words as she related the immense concern of what she wanted to say as “running through my mind like a freight train.” She described that she had finally settled on the reaction of “WOW!” She commended the assembly for the war of “acceptance, of tolerance, and the most relentless bravery.

You are the definition of courage.

Gaga credited the LGBTQ community “and so many more in between” for “changing my life.” She pledged that from her shows, her Born This Way Foundation, and her efforts in the #BeKindBeTheDifference campaign, she would be an advocate in changing lives for the better.

The message of the massively creative performer spoke loud and clear for acceptance in just her wardrobe.

Her rainbow-sparkled high boots, fringed shorts, and coordinating jacket and beret matched her message of inspiration. She urged those listening to continue the fight for inclusion and acceptance within “a very oppressive administration,” affirming that she realized that “you'll never quit.”

Cher, Janelle Monae, and Camila Cabello, Yoko Ono, and many more spread messages of unconditional support through social media, but none was more present than Lady Gaga.

Far away from New York, another ardent Lady Gaga fan was getting another message, one that his heart could hardly absorb.

A big surprise in Cincinnati

A quiet post by a lady from Cincinnati named Whit was another response that brought a loving “Wow” to many hearts once America got to see the message.

The video opens with Whit’s grandmother asking her husband, Whit’s grandfather if he knows of any plans on May 7, 2020. After a cursory scroll through his cell phone calendar, he responds: “That's a Thursday. I'm booked all day.

The next question is “Are you booked in the evening at 8 PM?” His wife propositions that they attend a concert—“ maybe in Las Vegas” she suggests. That giveaway lets granddad know the performer for the special night.

“Gaga?” he asks in hopeful disbelief. As Whit captures the moment for a keepsake, the Mrs.

can’t contain her joyful laughter.

“Oh, my gosh, I got goosebumps!” Grandpa exclaims.

The beloved senior’s surprise has been celebrated by hit-maker, Halsey, among the more than 1 million views. No response has come yet from Lady Gaga, but grandpa and grandma will probably get the royal treatment at the Jazz & Piano show next spring. Families by blood and by common cause have a very special place in this performer’s heart.