Scott Stapp is more than “the voice of Creed” and the lyricist who has written some of the most familiar and uplifting anthems in all of rock. Beyond being a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, whose mantle and walls are filled with the trophies of recognition denoting his place in music, Scott Stapp takes the deepest pride in being a father.

Scott is currently full swing into is a tour in support of his third solo album, “The Space Between the Shadows,” and getting reviews that proclaim the rocker, “the best we have ever heard,” according to Loud Hailer.

The passion that pours from every sinew of Scott Stapp on stage has always been unmatched. Still, being a parent is 24/7 duty and when a birthday comes around, the Stapp family celebrates with gusto, and a father and son create a loving forever memory.

Daniel’s big day

Just because the big stage and the strobe lights are being set up, and home for the next several months is a tour bus, Scott and Jaclyn Stapp make family their first priority. They juggle the demands of the road to make sure that delights for their children are still enjoyed as a family to the fullest. When dad was set to play the Frontier Days Festival in Arlington Heights outside Chicago, he had another much more personal concern for July 4—his son Daniel’s ninth birthday.

Birthdays are always big occasions, and like most parents, Scott Stapp feels as though there has only been a blink since Elmo and Barney were the big delights on Daniel’s big day. The hometown fair feel of this venue meant that the family could have some fun on super slides and see little brother Anthony, 19 months, take his first merry-go-round ride.

Older sister, Milan, 12, was also there for the slides, rides, and smiles, along with her brother’s really big stage debut.

When the latest song from the new album, “Face Of The Sun,” was up next on the set list, Scott Stapp announced that it was Daniel’s ninth birthday, and walked his son to center stage. As he introduces the song, papa caresses Daniel’s shoulders and starts moving the song’s infectious groove.

Daniel visibly bops up and down to the beat and doesn't miss a single word of the lyrics, singing out: “Fly like a flame through the face of the sun” in complete sync with dad’s baritone. Father and son shared beaming smiles at the close of the first chorus, and it was cake from there, Daniel took the last “in the name of love” on his own and took a birthday victory lap with dad before the duet ends.

Love in song

Daniel Stapp had already blown out his birthday candles and been serenaded enthusiastically before taking the stage with dad. Scott Stapp understands the strength, love, and lifelong confidence that a committed, present father imparts to a child. The song “Name,” which is also available in advance of the July 19 album release, is another pledge from the father to his children.

The title of “The Space Between the Shadows” derives from the promise echoed in the chorus of “Name.” “I will be the space between the shadows/ I'll be the light inside the sorrows,” promises the artist and father who grew up under a specter of both abuse and abuse from religion as well as abandonment by his birth father.

Another song on the album, “Wake Up Call,” features Daniel and Milan as the angelic gospel chorus.

Scott Stapp has come a long way since “With Arms Wide Open” and learned powerful lessons in parenting and personal courage, surrounded by the love, faith, and strength of family who stands tested and true. Those life lessons, like songs, live on forever, and Daniel and his siblings will not forget them or this very special, rocking birthday.