Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that a lot of twists and turns are coming before the big reveal that Phoebe is really Beth. Executive producer Brad Bell says that everything will come to a head during November Sweeps. This week, Liam and Wyatt will work together to uncover the truth and a new character will prove to be instrumental to the baby swap. Vincent Irizarry will return to the world of daytime drama as Dr.Jordan Armsrong on August 26 but details about the physician have not yet been released. Longtime soap fans will recall that a young Irizarry portrayed Lujak on "The Guiding Light" in the 1980s and has had an impressive career over the decades.

Vincent Irizarry, AKA Dr. Armstrong, could reveal baby swap

Soaps She Knows is reporting that Dr. Jordan Armstrong will play a role in Liam and Hope getting their baby back. This brings up the question of whether or not Wayne Brady will reprise his role as Dr. Reese Buckingham and face the music for his crimes. When the baby swap occurred, there was no mention of another physician so it’s not yet clear how Vincent Irizarry's will fit into the scheme of things. Soap Dirt indicates that Liam and Wyatt are seeking answers and on Friday a tearful Flo told Wyatt that she would confess everything to him.

If “B&B” spoilers are correct regarding November sweeps, it’s possible something will keep Hope’s cousin from admitting that Beth and Phoebe are one and the same.

Dr. Jordan Armstrong could be an associate of Dr. Buckingham or perhaps he’s on staff at an LA Hospital. Something could happen where Beth needs a blood transfusion and this may bring the truth to light. His coming on board at the end of August is a good indicator that the secret won’t be revealed before then.

'B&B' continues to tease fans

Even with Brad Bell telling “B&B” viewers the baby swap won’t come out until November, spoilers continue to tease fans that the truth comes s at hand. In addition to Flo implying she will tell all to Wyatt, there was a Friday cliffhanger with little Douglas. The child overheard his father say Beth is Phoebe, but Thomas swore the child to secrecy.

He later blurted our to a stunned Liam and Hope that their baby is alive. More than likely his dad, Liam or Hope will redirect the conversation and shut the child down.

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update news related to the storyline for Dr.Jordan Armstrong. Continue watching the LA drama by tuning in weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Whether the big reveal comes in August, November, or somewhere in between, every day brings the truth closer. Remember to watch for Vincent Irizarry’s debut on August 26.