''Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) rumors, for the week of July 29 to August 2, say that Salem will be shaken by many disconcerting events, ready to give an important shock to the storylines in progress. Fans will be speechless when they witness Kristen's absurd proposal to her brother. Kristen DiMera, eager to take control of the business and want to carry out her revenge, will propose that Tony become the husband of Nicole DiMera. The news will obviously go around the city. Both Eric and Brady, when they discover this background, will be upset and there will be heated clashes as a result.

Jack, convinced of his decision, will ask Eva to divorce him. Meanwhile, Gabi and Stefan are excited about their upcoming marriage. In this regard, last week's Soap Hub rumors have teased that a mysterious character might 'return from the ''afterlife'' to attend the wedding of Stefan and Gabi. Other weekly "DOOL" rumors say that Hope will discover something interesting in Ted's apartment.

'Days Of Our Lives': Kristen makes an absurd proposal to Tony

As we announced earlier, "Days Of Our Lives" rumors for the week are ready to upset fans. Tony will accept Kristen's proposal to marry ''Nicole'' so as to gain complete control of DiMera Enterprises. To his surprise, Stefan will give the news of his official engagement with Gabi.

The couple will be getting married very soon. From the NBC spoilers, it can be seen that Sarah has a huge slip of the tongue. According to rumors from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it seems that she will make Rex understand her love for Eric, causing big trouble.

Next, we'll see Jack angry at discovering that the few vials with serum for memory have been destroyed.

Jack will believe that now nothing and no one can give him the answers he so desires about his past and that everything is now lost, including his marriage. To give him a little hope will be Kayla, who will try to get more vials of serum in the hospital. But Eve will ruin Jack's plans as he destroys Kayla's note.

'DOOL' rumors: Hope's discovery

Other rumors about the soap opera broadcast on NBC reveal that other details will emerge regarding the kidnapping of Ted. "Days of Our Lives" rumors say that Hope will go to Ted's apartment, finding something really interesting. According to Soap Hub and Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the news of the wedding between Tony and the fake Nicole will soon go around the city, shocking everyone. In particular, Eric will be shocked by this discovery. In addition, he will provoke a confrontation with Brady. What will happen? Will Kristen DiMera be able to implement her umpteenth dark plan? We just have to wait for the next exciting "Days Of Our Lives" rumors.