"Days Of Our Lives" rumors tell that the truth about Holly's death will soon come out. The perfect occasion will be when Ted and Kate find themselves locked in their hotel room. Someone has caused a failure in the ventilation system, which could prove fatal. Ted, fearing to die, will let himself go to an unexpected confession. Kate thus learns the real truth of the facts about Holly's death and is shocked by it. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a character linked to this storyline will eventually abandon Salem forever. The most plausible hypothesis is that it is Ted himself, by now certain that he no longer has the chance to remedy his mistakes.

Kate, after discovering Ted's lie, won't be willing to forgive him at all.

'DOOL' rumors: Kate and Ted in a dark trap

The new "Days of Our Lives" rumors reveal that Ted and Kate will be victims of a crazy plan. The two will find themselves locked up in a hotel room, at the risk of dying. The temperature will become hot due to a breakdown in the hotel's ventilation system. Ted will take off his clothes and ask Kate to do the same. However, a dangerous situation could take a decidedly romantic and passionate turn. Kate, however, can't forget Ted's betrayal and may not be ready to indulge in romantic moments with him. The situation will become increasingly dangerous, and the tension will be high.

Ted, assailed by guilt, will reveal the truth about Holly's death. Fans of "DOOL" know that Ted had made the difficult decision to fake Holly's death. Ted has lived with guilt for a very long time, inevitably moving away from Kate. For this very reason, he decided to give the real results of Holly's autopsy to the real Nicole Walker.

'Days of Our Lives': Kate discovers the truth about Holly's death

In the next "Days of Our Lives" episodes, Ted will intend to remedy his terrible mistakes. The man will find the right opportunity to confess the truth about Holly's death. The crucial moment should come between 8 and 12 July. How will Kate react to this disconcerting backstage?

Fans of the soap opera are well that Kate has suffered a lot for her children. Holly's story, therefore, will hit her very personally and devastate her. Obviously, Kate will understand that all the blame for this absurd situation lies with Ted.

Ted wants to get out of Salem

Kate's not gonna be able to forgive Ted. If he had confessed the truth to the police in time, many people would have avoided suffering. Kate could have an exaggerated reaction after Ted's confession. Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors tease that Ted will no longer be able to handle the situation and that as a result, he will be willing to leave at the city.