"The Bold and the Beautiful" rumors say that the head of Forrester Creations security will be back in action on Friday. Charlie has not been on screen in a while but now will be called upon to help solve a mystery. Xander has been feeling strongly that Thomas had something to do with Emma’s car accident. He will enlist Charlie in helping him get to the bottom of what happened to Justin’s niece. As the two men investigate it may put them in danger from Ridge’s son and may lead to the truth about abets and Phoebe being revealed. Thomas is over confidant, and if Hope accepts his proposal, he might just slip up.

'B&B' brings Charlie and Pam into the loop

"B&B" rumors from Soap Hub indicates that Thomas will step up his plan to marry Hope. On Thursday he got Douglas to present her an engagement ring. Ridge and Taylor’s son believes he is invincible but Celeb Dirty Laundry says Charlie is going to be on his trail. The rumors reveals that Xander is so terrified that Thomas somehow is involved in Emma’s death, that he asks the head of Forrester Creations security to help him find the truth.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" had not been giving Charlie or Pam any screen time in recent months. Last week Stephanie’s sister wondered about an argument between Thomas and Emma before her accident. Once Xander brings Charlie on board, and he collaborated with his sweetie the real sleuthing will begin., They will all have to be discreet so that Thomas does not seek deadly revenge for a second time.

Rumors say Xander will be conflicted and feeling guilty so he might divulge even more information.

'B&B’ should use all characters

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a talented cast but often does not utilize popular characters. Charlie and Pam have great chemistry and have been missed during their absence. Now that they are back on the air, it will be a much-needed diversion from the Liam, Steffens, Thomas, and Hope show.

Rumors have teased that Ms. Logan may accept her marriage proposal in time. If she does, Thomas may let his guard down. Simultaneously, Charlie, Xander, and Pam will be digging up dirt on the Forrester heir.

"B&B" should also have Justin looking into the death of his niece. He is another character who is rarely given air time. With Dollar Bill’s assistance, Mr. Barbour has resources that Pam, Xander, and Charlie do not. It’s possible all the sleuthing could lead to Thomas being found out before he marries Hope.