"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers next two weeks ensure great twists, especially with regard to the character of the fake Nicole. Kristen DiMera will present herself to Ben and Kate without a mask. Claire, on the other hand, now without any possibility of defense, will threaten to set herself on fire, terrorizing Ciara. Ted and Kate will find themselves in a decidedly embarrassing situation, which could have a passionate turn.

DOOL' spoilers week of July 1-5: Claire out of control

During the "DOOL" episodes of the week of July 1-5, Ciara and Claire will be in the cabin where the terrible explosion took place.

Put to the test, Claire will have no choice but to confess her obscure crime. She will explain to Ciara that she did not realize what was happening and that she had completely lost her mind. At this point, Claire will relive the same emotions and think about doing again the same actions done in the cabin. The woman will threaten to burn herself alive with a lighter. According to Soaps Hub, Ben will arrive just in time, before a tragedy happens.

Ben, with a lightning-fast gesture, will tear the lighter out of Claire's hands and prevent her from starting the fire. Marlena, in another episode, will be able to convince Claire not to commit madness, telling her that she absolutely needs help. Claire will have a nervous breakdown and will be taken to the hospital as a matter of urgency.

The nightmare seems to be over. Afterward, Ciara and Ben can take care of Eve.

Days of Our Lives' week of July 8-12: Nicole shows up without a mask

In the hotel room where the fake Nicole is staying, an unexpected romantic event is about to happen. Ted loosens his clothes and tells Kate to undress herself. The two had problems due to a breakdown in the ventilation system and were forced to undress to avoid heatstroke.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers week of July 8-12 ensure that between them they may ignite the flame of passion.

Nicole will be furious when she finds Ben and Kate still alive. At that point, Kristen DiMera will take off her mask. Ted and Kate will discover the intrigue behind the fake Nicole, being extremely shocked. In the meantime, Hope will follow the clues that were given to her and reach Kristen's room, what will happen?

Claire leaves town in next episodes

Other "DOOL" spoilers say that Julie and Gaby will let go of their passion in the office, exchanging a passionate kiss. Finally, as previously announced in Celeb Dirty Laundry, Claire will be forced to give Salem her final farewell as she needs psychiatric support. Will it be a final farewell? We just have to wait for the next "Days of Our Lives" episodes broadcast on NBC. Stay tuned.