General Hospitalbrought Rebecca Budding back this week and placed her right in the middle of all the action. Her character Hayden, surprised her sister Liz, by showing up on the Haunted Star during the wedding celebration. Curtis was happy to see her friend, but Finn has mixed emotions about his ex returning to Port Charles. On Thursday, Chase was going over the guest list with Liesel who says someone pushed her overboard. When the detective mentioned Ms. Barnes, Obrecht expresses surprise she wasn’t bored and added that Hayden hated her. Shortly after, Chase found his brother dining with his former fiancé and announced that he had questions for her.

Hayden had reason to push Liesel

”General Hospital” has Liesel shoved overboard just after Brad, Julian, and Valentin each were processing her being inebriated and having loose lips. Each of the three men was noticeably absent during the attack. Hayden simply showed up out of nowhere and gave her well wishes to Franco and Liz. It’s possible, although highly unlikely that Elizabeth Weber’s half-sister saw Obrecht and gave her a push. After all, the demented doctor tried to make Finn test positive for drugs and ruin his career.

If Hayden did push Obrecht into the water, she probably was not trying to take her life. Ms. Barnes is a schemer, scammer, and liar but probably not a killer. It's more likely that someone else in Port Charles with a bigger grudge tried to silence Nina’s aunt.

Ms. Barnes is more than likely using her sister’s celebration to come back together to town to tell Finn was heir child did not die. She had sent her former fiancé a letter asking him to meet her over a year ago, but he declined. The little boy or girl they conceived would now be about two and one half years old.

Hayden has a hidden agenda

”General Hospital“ viewers know that Hayden has a hidden agenda and it more than likely related to her child. Finn asked what she wanted to tell him more than Han a year ago, but so far she has remained mum. Even Franco and Elizabeth agree that more is going on than meets the eye. At some point, the subject of her child with Finn will have to be addressed, but for now, there will s a more pressing matter.

Obrecht all but accused her not f attempted murder and Chase is on the case.

Previews for Friday’s “GH” episode have the police detective asking his brother about the connection he has with Ms. Barnes. Once he hears the details, he may agree with Liesel and keep his eye on Hayden.