"Counting On" boys attend the ALERT Academy which is a controversial program founded by Bill Gothard. The International ALERT Academy is a Christian, military-type boot camp that Josiah, Josh, and Jeremiah attended. James and Jason also followed their brothers through the program. Now, the Duggar Family account on Instagram posted up about James and Jason graduating after school and ALERT.

James, Jason of 'Counting On' graduate, Duggars throw a party

On the Instagram account, there's a photo with a picture of Michelle. The caption reads, "Graduation is a milestone event!!

Today we celebrated Jason and James with a graduation party! Their diligence in school, learning of trades and practical skills, and completion of the ALERT program are all amazing accomplishments. We love you boys and can’t wait to see what’s next for you both!!"

Lots of fans asked about how many kids Michelle still homeschools. It's not clear that James and Jason got homeschooled right through high school, but it's probable. Despite the fact that neither Jim Bob nor Michelle did homeschool, they prefer it for their family. However, they do allow the older kids to study further. For example, the Duggar Family blog points out Jana and John-David studied via College Plus!

College Plus! and ALERT offer options for 'Counting On's' Duggar Boys

The Duggar blog notes that College Plus! has a mandatory Life-Purpose program. They explain, "it's a course that all CollegePlus! students must complete. With an emphasis on the importance of guidance from God, parents, and mentors, the program helps students determine how to use their gifts and talents to actualize their life goals." Meanwhile, ALERT touts themselves as "a unique Christian training and service organization whose mission is to equip individuals with the tools to prepare them for the specific callings God has placed on their lives."

Apparently, ALERT's no easy ride for the boys who attend it.

From the Duggar post, it looks like graduation's all about celebrating homeschooling and ALERT courses. They learn practical skills, which is useful. Most of the kids get involved in Jim Bob's business of buying and flipping houses. Possibly they may yet go on and study via the college, but both James and Jason look fit to enter the "Counting On" family business.

Fans congratulate Michelle and the boys

"Counting On" fans went onto Instagram to congratulate the boys on their graduation. Plus, they extended those congrats to Michelle. "Congrats to Jason and James and to you for successfully getting two more kids across the first finish line," said one fan. Another commented, "Congratulations guys!!It just goes to show...You can accomplish anything if you put your mind and spirit into it!! Add prayer to that and you’d be amazed about the things you can do!!! ."

What do you think about James and Jason Duggar celebrating their graduation day after school, and ALERT? Do you think they will go into the family business or take things further and via College Plus!?

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