The 25th James Bond film is full of surprises. Daniel Craig was to have been in the role of super spy 007 but it seems a woman will take over as 007. She will be British actor Lashana Lynch who acted in the role of a fighter pilot in “Captain Marvel.” The storyline continues to remain a mystery and Lashana Lynch will take over from Craig as his character leaves M16. A section of the media reveals a part of the plot. It seems Daniel Craig is leading a retired life in Jamaica, but the call of duty brings him back. He has to tackle a new villain.

The Guardian reports on a conversation at the beginning of the film.

M says - “Come in 007.” The viewer will see a black, and beautiful woman respond and make her entry. She is Lashana Lynch. It is a confusing situation because there would then be two James Bond characters. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

Lashana Lynch as James Bond

She is originally from West London and her film debut was in 2011. The film was “Fast Girls” but Lashana Lynch gained recognition in the role of fighter pilot Maria Rambeau. The film was “Captain Marvel” released earlier this year.

The Guardian says the 25th Bond film has faced several roadblocks. Italy and the UK are the locations for shooting the film. However, disputes arose between Daniel Craig and director Danny Boyle over the script. Ultimately, Cary Fukunaga entered the scene to direct the movie. Craig finally insisted on "Fleabag’s" Phoebe Waller-Bridge to polish up the script to his satisfaction.

Barbara Broccoli is the producer of the movie and had expressed to a section of the media “that there would “never” be a female Bond.” That has changed.

Revamp of the Bond franchise

According to the New York Post, a revamp of the Bond franchise is underway with the entry of a black female in the role of 007.

She is 31-year-old British actor Lashana Lynch and she will make her entry in the 25th James Bond movie where the master spy has to come out of retirement and meet Lynch as the new 007. Its filming is in progress and Daniel Craig will still be in the role of Bond but his advances on the newcomer fail to elicit the necessary reaction. The role has until now been portrayed by macho men who love not just fast cars and fast action but also beautiful women.

In today’s context, that might not go down well with the audience. Hence, a change was necessary. The entry of a woman 007 could be that change because it would make the character more appealing to the modern generation. James Bond has been in action for nearly half a century.

His charm has gone, the role has become stereotyped and needs a change to help revive interest. The story of Bond 25 remains a secret and fans will have to wait to see how exactly Lashana Lynch carries on the legacy of Bond as visualized Ian Fleming