"Big Brother 21" spoilers tease that there is plenty of action inside the house during week 2. Big Brother Network shared that Jack Matthews won the Head of House competition and nominated Kemi Faknole and Jessica Milagros.

The women hoped they could win the Power of Veto competition, but Sam Smith took the win once again. Now, the final nominations are Kemi and Jessica, one of which will become the third person to fight their way back into the game during Week 4.

Big Brother 21 Week 2 target is Kemi

Jack has been vocal about his target. Ever since the live feeds have been on, Jack has been campaigning for Kemi to be put on the block and be sent packing.

So, when he won the HOH competition, it was a no brainer who he would put on the block. The question was who he’d put up as a pawn to sit next to Kemi.

Anyone who has played or watched “Big Brother” knows that the pawn often goes home. Things change often inside the house, sometimes the shift can happen in a split second.

So, Jessica isn’t going to give the house the chance to flip on her. She has been busy campaigning to stay.

Flashback to 10:25 PM on the live feeds, Cliff Hogg III and Jessica are talking about the next eviction. Jessica says that she doesn’t want it to look like she is trying to throw Kemi under the bus. She said that she hopes that most of the house wants her to stay in the game.

Cliff agrees with her but admits he’s “kind of” concerned about how Kemi will act if she is evicted and she will still have to live with them as a camp director with Ovi Kabir and David Alexander.

Jackson reassures Jessica

Later, according to Online Big Brother, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen tell Jess that she is in a good spot.

Michie urges her not to act paranoid and just interact with everyone as usual. He thinks that Jessica should let Kemi self-disrupt, as she seems hell-bent on taking everyone down with her.

Big Brother 21” spoilers tease that Jessica said the thing that worries her is that Jack says he doesn’t care who goes between her and Kemi.

Holly reassures her that she is safe and urges her to go for HOH to ensure her safety for next week.

There are still two more days until the next eviction on “Big Brother 21.”

The worst part about the camp director game twist is the evicted houseguest will live with the rest of the house. If they are angry about being ousted, it could get ugly. But then again, that’s the kind of drama the live feeders live for and, eventually, one of the houseguests will come unglued and give BB21 viewers a huge show.

Big Brother 21” airs on CBS Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Check your local listings for time and channel.