The Young and the Restless" has thrown fans a curveball by shifting the dynamic with Chelsea and Victor’s sons. Spoiler alerts teased viewers and built anticipation that a big Chadam reunion was on the way. Instead, Chelsea announced she was remarried and her new husband had adopted her son Conner. She insisted that she no longer loves Adam and began pointing out his flaws. Her behavior is as if they had been estranged when, in truth, she was going to leave town with him prior to the explosion. To add insult to injury she turned to Nick when her spouse Calvin died suddenly.

'Y&R' drops the ball with Chelsea

"Y&R" spoilers from Soaps She Knows and Celeb Dirty Laundry both say the writers dropped the ball where Chelsea’s return is concerned. The reason being that there is absolutely no just cause for the animosity towards her husband. Chelsea seems to have adopted the ire that most everyone else in Genoa City has towards Victor’s prodigal son but it makes no sense. Chelsea and Adam were madly in love and planning on a future together. Even when Chick got together, Nick knew his brother was number one in Ms. Lawson’s heart.

Chelsea should have welcomed Adam back with open arms but instead, she greeted him with contempt and said that it’s better his son never see him.

She even called Adam a liar when he said that Calvin agreed Conner should be with his biological dad. "Y&R" writers have either messed up royally or there is a method to this madness that viewers have not yet figured out. Chelsea may feel guilty that she moved on with Nick and later married Calvin. Perhaps she is in shock and just wants her first spouse to go away so she won’t have to deal with everything that has transpired.

'Y&R' not transparent with Chadam

"The Young and the Restless" writers are not being transparent regarding the direction they are taking with Chadam. Spoilers say It’s ridiculous to build momentum for a reunion with Adam only to have Chelsea fall into Nick’s arms. There also seems to be no purpose to have her married to Calvin, announce he has adopted Conner and then Mr.

Boudreau dies. Viewers are now left wondering what will happen next. Chelsea could reunite with Nick and together they keep Adam away from both of his children. She and Adam could get back together and raise Conner together, or unite to take Christian from Nicholas.

"Y&R" spoilers suggested early on that Adam would take Sharon from Rey, or have a fling with Phyllis and neither has happened, at least not yet. Both Soaps She Knows and CDL both confirm that Adam will do all he can to get his wife back. On Monday he told Phyllis that he would reclaim his family no matter who he had to hurt along the way. If Adam has to scheme and scam in order to win Chelsea back, and his sons are used as pawns, this will not be the loving reunion viewers were promised, so what’s the point? Stay tuned to CBS weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM to find out how this ball of confusion is unraveled.