"General Hospital" has several possible love triangles trying to work themselves out at one time. Viewers have become accustomed to Michael being caught between Willow and Sasha and Ms. Tate juggling a romance with Chase and a deepening connection with Sonny and Carly’s son. There are now six additional Port Charles residents whose love lives are tangled up and intertwining. Valentin is closely watching the interaction that Jax has with Nina, while Hayden just showed up announcing a prior connection to Jax. Finn and Mrs. Barnes have unfinished business but he is currently engaged to Anna.

There is no telling which way any of this will end.

'GH' has numerous complicated relationships

"General Hospital" is amping up the romance department by having various characters involved in complicated love triangles. Hayden whip just returned to Port Charles was engaged to Finn and pregnant with his child. She left town and later told him she miscarried Viewers saw however that she was clearly still pregnant. Finn is now engaged to Anna who is out of town tracking her twin.Ms. Barnes returned for Liz and Franco’s celebration without her child in tow. At some point, the existence of the now 2-year-old will come to light and may affect Anna’s relationship with the doctor.

Hayden also is alluding to a prior connection with Jax and flirted a little bit with him aboard the Haunted Star.

Josslyn’s dad, however, is taunting Valentin by taking certain liberties with Nina. "GH" rumors have teased that once Ms. Reaves finds out Sasha is not her daughter she will leave her husband and turn to Jax. Each of these relationships is complicated and at this point could go in any day reaction. Hayden is a con artist and Finn has been burned by her twice.

First when she left him and again when she lied about their child. This is no guarantee that he won’t leave Anna high and dry for his ex.

"General Hospital" won’t resolve these situatioships any time soon

It does not look as though “General Hospital” will resolve any of these situationships any time soon. Viewers can only sit back and watch the multiple train wrecks take place.

There is also the strange bond between Julian, Kim, and Drew. Mr. Jerome allowed his sweetie to travel with Oscar’s dad to Africa to spread their son’s ashes. On Tuesday Julian found Dr. Bero in bed with Andrew Cane whom she had drugged, hoping he would impregnate her with Oscar’ brother or sister. Julian led Kim away without batting an eye at what she was attempting.

"GH" also has Josslyn Trina, Devlin, and Cameron hanging out and it’s not clear whilst couples will come out of the group. Meanwhile, Mili and Epiphany ‘s dating takes place completely off camera and no one has ever seen Donny who is the significant other of Felix Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out how all of these varied entanglements will work out.