"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Ashley Martson repeatedly said that she wants Jay Smith deported. It looks like their current bust-up and divorce filing actually are for real. Loads of drama still surround the ex-couple, and now, Jay might get deported after his arrest for allegedly violating a Protection From Abuse Order. Larissa Lima, formerly married to Colt (Coltee), stepped up in support of Ashley as she knows about arrest and K1 Visa issues. She also spoke out about the K1 rules.

The arrest of Jay Smith from '90 Day Fiance'

The arrest of Jay Smith came out via InTouch Weekly who reported it this week.

To recap, they noted that Ashley filed the violation. Hearing that the cops had a warrant for his arrest, Jay turned himself in and got put in jail. It turns out that Ashley alleged while she was on her vacation, that he broke into her house. Celebuzz brought more detail about the arrest story for "90 Day Fiance" fans.

People mag reported on their interview with Ashley Martson. She said that after she reported the break-in, the police felt she should "file a PFA." She did that and noted that she "took all the evidence in on Monday.” She additionally said that “Jay was served at 7:10 PM on Monday, and it specifically said in there ‘you’re not allowed to talk about this PFA or Ashley at all on any social media platform." However, “the very next day, Jay went on social media and made a post." It not only mentioned her but also spoke about the PFA.

Ashley Martson gets prayers from Larissa Lima via Instagram

After hearing the news, "90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima, chimed in on Ashley's situation with Jay. She posted up an Instagram Story on Wednesday night. In it, she said, "My thoughts are with Ashley at this difficult time, and I pray for her safety." The English's pretty good, so maybe Larissa's new boyfriend wrote it for her.

Anyway, she also noted that as she personally experienced an arrest, she also feels "empathy for Jay." That's because she said he will be in "fear" right now.

Of course, fans of the TLC show know that Larissa announced she sees her future in the USA counseling immigrants arrested for ICE violations. So, Larissa also saw an opportunity to mention that.

She wrote, "I believe that many aspects of the Immigration laws regarding the K1 Visa have to change. "She feels that many immigrants "contribute to the household as allowed," but they "feel like prisoners as they are solely reliant on the people who brought them over to the US."

K1 Visa applicants 'at the mercy of their sponsors'

Larissa Lima also mentioned to her "90 Day Fiance" fans that the immigrants end up "at the mercy of their sponsors." Additionally, she alleged it leads to "more and more abuse of the immigrant." Nevertheless, she did mention that if Jay "violated the laws," then he should just accept the fact he needs to go before a judge and "respect the judgment handed down to him."

What do you think about Larissa Lima feeling for Ashley Martson following Jay Smith's arrest this week? Do you think that she's right about Jay, as she feels the K1 Visa laws need to change?

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