Last week on "The Young and the Restless" Dr. Nate confirmed that Victor Newman has a rare blood disorder that could possibly end his life. Rumors immediately began flying across the Internet that Eric Braeden may be dealing with sickness off-screen and leaving the show. Longtime viewers of the CBS daytime drama and those who have read Braeden’s book "I’ll Be Damned" already have suspected what is going on in front of as well as behind the camera. Spoiler alerts are revealing the truth and setting the record straight regarding the 78-year-old actor as well as his alter ego/television character.

Eric Braeden has spoken

Time and time again, Eric Braeden has expressed his sentiment regarding aging and working. In magazine articles and interviews that are on YouTube, the answer is always the same. The 78-year-old soap vet believes that if you retire you die. In his book, entitled “I’ll Be Damned” released in 2016 the actor said that both he and Victor will be around a long time. Fans who know this did not put much thought into the Newman patriarch being diagnosed with a blood disorder. Some viewers, however, believe that because the television character is dealing with a terminal illness, it must mean that the actor portraying him could also be sick and/or retiring.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is echoing the statements that Eric Braeden has already spoken.

The 38-year veteran of "The Young and the Restless,and his character, are both sticking around. On Wednesday, Nate told the Newman patriarch and his wife that his treatments were not working. Soap Dirt indicates that Victor will need a bone marrow transplant and that Adam may be the only match. If his son agrees then the problem will be solved.

'Y&R' places Victor front and center

CDL says Eric Braeden has stated, on record, that former head writer Mal Young purposely reduced his screen time. The new “Y&R” writing team now has Victor front and center where fans want him to be. In addition to the health crisis, the Newman patriarch is trying to be a referee with his children.

Victoria is battling Adam over who will be the heir apparent of the family company, while Nick and his brother each want their dad to take sides in regard to Christian's custody.

Eric Braeden is a healthy older man who says retirement is not for him. His “Y&R” character is the richest, most powerful, respected and determined man in Genoa City. Victor will survive this health crisis and will not take his last breath until the man who has portrayed him for four decades does so. Spread the word and set the record straight. Both the actor and his character intend on being around for a long time to come.