"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Harmony has a secret about father's Willow. The storyline involving this complicated girl is very much interesting fans of the soap opera. In previous episodes of "GH" aired on ABC, Willow spoke with Harrison Chase, telling him interesting details about her parents. In addition, the girl told Chase of her concern about the dangerous alliance between Harmony and Shiloh. From her words, it emerged that Willow's father was a faithful follower of the DoD, though more skeptical than Harmony. The man, when he learned that Harmony slept with Shiloh, was invaded by pain.

As far as we know, Willow's father is dead, but a shocking truth may come to light very soon. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', Shiloh is aware of the truth, as is the dangerous Harmony. In addition, we will see how the dramatic situation of Kim, devastated after Oscar's death, evolves. The boy's mother has had an illness that does not bode well. Drew will be with her, but everything will soon collapse like a house of cards.

Willow grapples with the truth about his father

In past episodes of "General Hospital", Harmony pulled her father out of the DoD, who died shortly afterward. Later, Willow entered the obscure sect led by Shiloh and underwent initiation. A shocking hypothesis comes from 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry': Willow's father might still be alive.

Harmony, tremendously jealous of Shiloh's attention to Willow, may have fooled her.

Interesting "General Hospital" spoliers reveal that the Willow's father could return very soon to Port Charles, messing up the lives of both. In all likelihood, the man will play an important role in the storyline involving the adoption of Willow who, as has already been supposed, is the daughter of Nina Reeves.

Neil is Willow's father? The truth in the upcoming 'General Hospital' spoilers

Some soap opera fans have suggested that Neil is Willow's father. The doctor in fact, in the past, had mentioned the presence of a missing daughter. Of course, this is an assumption but, as we know, in "GH" the twists and turns never cease to surprise us.

Neil could have undergone plastic surgery to change the connotations and not be recognized by Willow. Despite these strange hypotheses, it is certain that Willow's father will return to the scene, or at least the truth about his death will be known. Other spoilers suggest that Shiloh may have killed him, committing yet another crime. What really happened to Willow's father? The mystery awaits us with others, backstage, not to be missed. Stay tuned for the next episodes "General Hospital" spoilers aired on ABC.