WWE recently held a pay per view called Super ShowDown at Saudi Arabia in Jeddah on June 7. It was an average event where the main event "Undertaker vs. Goldberg" was the most disappointing match as there were several botches in the match. Undertaker's expression after the match got over said it all about the match. Goldberg also accepted that he let down his fans by not giving them a good match which lived up to the hype. It was being advertised by the WWE as the "First Time Ever" match and the WWE Universe kept an eye on it. After the match, both these wrestlers received criticism over social media by the fans.

Fans were disappointed with the fact that they were not able to wrestle properly and ruining their career by stretching it. According to most of the social media posts by fans, it seemed that the fans want them to retire and not wrestle.

Now the next pay per view is WWE Stomping Grounds and WWE is expected to get more criticism for the matches it has announced. It is not paying attention to the storylines and booking several boring rematches which is not expected to excite the audience. It has announced four rematches, two are from Super ShowDown, one from Money in the Bank and one match is from Wrestlemania. They are expected to disappoint the fans as there is nothing new in these four rivalry.

In addition to these rematches, there is one fresh match confirmed between Alexa Bliss and Bayley for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston who retained the WWE Championship successfully at Super ShowDown is going to face Dolph Ziggler again. This time it will be held inside a steel cage as Dolph Ziggler who got frustrated by the interference of Xavier Woods in the match has demanded for the stipulation.

WWE Universal Title Match

Seth Rollins who successfully defended his Universal title against Baron Corbin is going to face Corbin for the Universal title again at the event. There is nothing new in the match as of now until these two wrestlers create the hype by giving a new direction to their dull rivalry.

RAW & SmackDown Women's Title Match

Bayley who won the SmackDown Women's Championship by cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase against Charlotte at Money in the Bank event will face "The Goddess" Alexa Bliss at Stomping Grounds. This match is the single fresh match in the match card of Stomping Grounds as of now.

Lacey Evans who lost her match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank event is getting her rematch at Stomping Grounds. This is definitely not expected to thrill the audience.

Wrestlemania Rematch

Roman Reigns will square off against Drew McIntyre who is a longtime opponent of Reigns since his return after defeating leukemia. Lets hope this rivalry coms to an end at Stomping Grounds or else they give it a new turn.