"The Bold and The Beautiful" spoilers say Thomas will be completely out of control. Forrester Jr. wants Hope's love at all costs. Precisely for this reason, he will be willing to do anything. Thomas' aim is to build a family with Hope Logan and little Douglas, who was left without a mother after Caroline's tragic death. Liam Spencer, meanwhile, is living at Steffy's place but he's in an outbuilding and there's nothing romantic really. The situation will prove favorable for Thomas who, blinded by jealousy and lust for possession of Hope, decides to do something crazy.

Meanwhile, police investigate the death of Emma Barber who, as we know, had a terrible car accident while trying to reach Hope, with the intention of revealing the truth about Beth and Phoebe. Will the police succeed in prosecuting Thomas?

'The Bold and the Beautiful': Thomas loses control

"The Bold and The Beautiful" other spoilers say that 'crazy Thomas' is going to lose control of the situation. As we know, the truth about Beth's death was discovered by Emma Barber. The intern of Forrester Creation tried in every way to convince Thomas to tell Hope how things are but to no avail. After threatening her, Forrester Jr. went into action. Emma took the car and headed at great speed to Hope's house, determined to tell her that Phoebe is actually Beth.

Desperate, Thomas Forrester chased the intern who, in a moment of inattention, lost control of the car, dying on the spot.

Thomas has now managed to keep the secret of Beth. However, he must keep Liam away from Hope. That's why Thomas will design a terrible plan. What does he have in mind?

Liam makes love to Steffy in the upcoming episodes of 'The Bold and The Beautiful'

According to updates by Celeb Dirty Laundry and Tv Soap, Thomas will think about how to put Liam out of the game. "The Bold and The Beautiful" spoilers concerning the next episodes aired on CBS, reveal that he will buy drugs from Vincent. Then, he'll make sure Liam takes the drugs, which will take effect very quickly.

Liam will give in to Steffy's advances and the two will end up making love.

The next morning, Liam, very confused, wakes up with a big headache and remembers nothing of the night spent with his ex-wife Steffy. Thomas, however, will be pleased, as he can tell Hope that Liam has betrayed her. It seems that the trap is working perfectly. What will Thomas Forrester do again? We just have to wait for the next and unmissable "The Bold and The Beautiful" spoilers and find out if Hope will be able to discover that her daughter Beth is alive and is actually Phoebe. Stay tuned.