"General Hospital's" new spoilers say that the character of Neil Byrne will become extremely important in the next episodes. Finally, many behind-the-scenes scenes will surface, leading to new scenarios and unexpected revelations. Many people have assumed that Neil would act as an adoptive father to Willow Tait. Neil, in fact, has great knowledge about the sects and also has a lot of familiarity in relating to patients or, in general, with people who have difficulties. Neil In fact helped Alexis, Kristina's mother, a lot when she was desperate and did not know how to help her daughter.

"General Hospital" spoilers announce a sensational background: Neil's daughter is alive and will return to Port Charles. In particular, Sasha could be Neil's daughter who is believed to be dead.

'General Hospital': the mystery of Neil's dead daughter

How will Neil's Byrne daughter get back? According to Soap She Knows, she may return after undergoing plastic surgery, although it seems a rather unlikely theory. It was Willow who found her father's body dead from an overdose, exactly the day after she convinced herself to enter the cult and undergo initiation. It will therefore be very difficult to find the right situation to bring Neil's daughter back to life. It's not uncommon that in soap operas a viable track is that of facial reconstruction.

As we said before, this track would be quite unlikely. However, the storylines of "General Hospital" are getting more and more complicated, intertwining with each other.

An example is the dramatic situation with Kim, who is connecting with Shiloh Archer and the DoD. This came after she battled with grief over Oscar's death and was rejected by Drew when she asked him to help make a replacement baby.

From the previous spoilers, it emerged that Shiloh could offer himself as the Baby Daddy, starting a new scenario. The production of the soap opera aired on ABC, is trying in every way to create plausible connections to give meaning to the return of Neil's daughter. What happened to the young girl? It's not excluded that a fake death certificate is discovered and that as a result, the girl may still be around.

'GH' Spoilers: Sasha could be Neil's daughter believed dead

According to the latest news by Celeb Dirty Laundry. some fans of soap have suggested that Neil's secret daughter could even be Sasha, although this hypothesis doesn't seem to be founded, as there's nothing connecting her to Neil's past. However, spoilers ensure that this storyline will keep viewers baited over the coming summer months. There will be a lot of chaos and twists and turns. So, stay tuned so you don't miss the next "General Hospital" spoilers, updates and other interesting news.