Glastonbury, the famous music festival in Britain is making a comeback after a break. It is undoubtedly a unique music festival where nearly 200,000 revelers descend on Worthy Farm. The Glastonbury music festival will begin on Wednesday, June 26 and continue until Sunday, June 30. Laying hands on the tickets for the show could be a tricky affair because last time, they vanished in no time. Obviously, those who planned to attend took action in advance.

Standard UK reports about the venue. This will be as usual, within a massive site on Worthy Farm.

Located near the town of Somerset, the venue is roughly 100 miles south-west of central London. There had been fears of thunderstorms and pelting rain that could spoil the show. However, the Met Office has predicted differently. Met Office meteorologist Bonnie Diamond says. "the weather “won’t be bright and sunny, but very hot and humid.” People have been cautioned to take necessary action to ensure safety from harmful UV rays.

Details of the Glastonbury festival

There will be not one or two, but a total of 79 stages at the Glastonbury Festival where more than 2,800 acts will be performed.

The Pyramid Stage is the most famous one among them because it is in the most eye-catching area. It will host performances by the likes of Stormzy, The Killers and The Cure. There will be many others also like Janet Jackson who will showcase their talents over the weekend.

The standard UK throws some light on another equally important stage.

It is The Other Stage where many more big-hitters will be in action. There are a whole lot of programs and these will be distributed over the West Holts Stage, the John Peel Stage, and the Park Stage. There are many options and, in short, the five-day extravaganza from June 26 until June 30 will add zing to people's lives.

It is a unique music festival

According to ITV, the Glastonbury music festival covers an area of over 1100 acres and there was a break in 2018 to allow the farmland time to recover. There will be dozens of stages and a whole lot of food stalls that will be crying out for attention. There are also comparatively quieter parts of the site that include the Healing Fields and the Greenpeace area. Met people have indicated a hot and humid start to the event. However, it is quite possible that the venue could witness spots of flooding similar to what happened in 2005 and 2007.

This music festival began in 1970 and only seven of them have so far avoided the rains. Obviously, music fans will know what to expect and come prepared to face the situation.

As for the children, tickets are not necessary for those under the age of 12, if accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. Incidentally, in view of a gathering of thousands of music lovers for five days, there could be Environment-related issues like plastic waste. Hopefully, fans don't leave behind such harmful litter.