Brad Bell, executive producer of "The Bold and the Beautiful", confirmed weeks ago that at least one character on the CBS daytime drama would die. Rumors indicate the death will take place this summer and more than likely be related to the baby switch. The possible victims suggested thus far have been Reece, Zoe, Xander, Shawna, and Flo. Now a new character is coming to LA, who will be a past associate of Thomas Forrester. Vincent Walker is said to be trouble and may even learn that Phoebe is really Beth. He is only scheduled for two episodes thus far, and rumors tease that perhaps he might be the person who is murdered.

'B&B' list of possible victims grows

Soap Dirt indicates that Thomas will spiral out of control now that he knows his sister is raising Hope's child. He will throw his weight around as a Forrester to keep his co-conspirators in line. Zoe, Flo, and Xander will be at his mercy and will allow Steffy's brother to order their every step. Previews for Wednesday's "B&B" episode have Thomas seemingly about to tell his sibling that she is raising Hope and Liam's child. Spoilers have confirmed that Lope won't find out until November, so Steffy probably will not learn the facts just yet.

Thomas is probably going to keep his mouth shut for now, but he will have trouble brewing from another direction. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that when Vincent Walker shows up, he will be someone with a dark past who is acquainted with Thomas.

He could know a secret about Ridge and Taylor's son, or perhaps stumble upon the truth about the babies being switched. If this is correct, he will be the seventh person who knows about Pheobe and Beth, and the list may grow. If Thomas perceives this person from his past as a threat, "B&B" rumors say he may resort to desperate measures.

Thomas desperate to keep Hope in the dark

"B&B" rumors say, Thomas, will be determined to keep Hope from finding out that Beth is alive. He has already proven that he will stoop to devious plots to make sure things go his way. It might not be a stretch for him to take a human life. Dr Buckingham, Flo, Zoe, Shawna, and Xander, are all possible victims who could be murdered.

It's equally true, that If any of the six individuals get too far out of line, any one of the remaining five could snap under pressure.

Vincent Walker is now added to the list, and he could kill or be killed by Thomas who is getting stranger every day. Ridge and Taylor's son is losing respect from those around him and viewers are not thrilled by his behavior either.