"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, June 12 say that Ryan wakes up from the coma and discovers he no longer has a kidney. The man asks doctors for explanations. Meanwhile, Kevin is pleased to have managed to complete his plan to save Jordan. Kim, on the other hand faints in Drew's arms. Most likely, the woman is taking negative copings after Oscar's death. In this regard, "GH" spoilers reveal that Kim will engage in life-threatening behaviors. Drew will be very worried but Kim will try to reassure him, telling him that the malaise is due to fatigue.

General Hospital': Josslyn devastated by pain

What happens in the episode of "General Hospital" aired on ABC Wednesday, June 12? The lack of Oscar Nero will be particularly felt. Josslyn will be devastated by more pain than usual. Fortunately, the girl's friends comfort her and stay close to her. Maxie, worried about the state of mind of Oscar's ex-girlfriend, will offer her all her support, even though she's afraid of being intrusive. On the contrary, Joss will appreciate Maxie's generous gesture.

Other "GH" spoilers tease that there will finally be the meeting between Ava, Jasper, and Nina Reeves. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry,' Nina wants Ava looks on the cover of September. Jax won't like this idea at all.

The tension will be at the stars. At that point, Jax will bring up old issues from the past related to Morgan's death. However, it seems that Ava doesn't take Jasper's words into account and goes ahead with her obscure plan.

Ryan wakes up from a coma in the episode of 'General Hospital' on June 12

"General Hospital" spoilers for Wednesday, June 12, also tell that will develop the storyline of Jordan.

Ryan Chamberlain was kidnapped and operated against his will. Thanks to this criminal action, Jordan can have the kidney that will save her life. In the episode of "GH" aired on ABC on June 12, Ryan will wake up from the coma and demand explanations. Dr. Kevin and Dr. Curtis will explain to Chamberlain what happened to him.

Meanwhile, Kevin will rejoice at having managed to find a solution to save Jordan. On the other hand, Kim and Drew will be staying in the hotel after their mission to Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, Kim will collapse and lose consciousness in Drew's arms. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers also suggest that Kim will start slipping into the tunnel of depression, coming to the end of her rope.