Spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" report that Thomas will become drunk with his own power and use his family name to intimidate several employees. Once he finds out that Phoebe is Beth, he will want to keep the secret in order to manipulate Hope. He will reign in terror over Zoe, Xander, and Flo pointing out that his family owns the company they work for. Previous spoilers have quoted Brad Bell as saying the truth about the baby switch won't be revealed until November sweeps. Between now and then, Thomas will use threats to instill fear in those who would oppose him, and might even resort to murder to maintain his advantage

Thomas becomes uncontrollable on 'B&B'

Soaps She Knows reveals that Thomas will have a very busy week, as he takes his scheme to seduce Hope to the next level.

On Friday's "B&B" episode, Xander was about to stop Liam and Hope from dissolving their marriage when his car alarm went off. He went outside to find Thomas, who grilled him without success. Young Mr. Forrester threw around his family name, pointing out that he is Xander's boss. The only information he gained was Flo's name so he went to her demanding to know what the secret about Hope is.

"B&B" spoilers indicate that on Monday the newest member of the Logan family will blurt out the truth about the baby switch, but Thomas won't believe her. On Tuesday Ridge and Taylor's son will be angry that his sister is raising Hope's baby, and on Thursday's episode, he will ponder whether or not to reveal the secret.

On Friday Thomas has some type of change of heart and stuns Flo, Xander, and Zoe. Since the secret will not be exposed until November, Thomas will be reigning in terror for the next five months.

Thomas turns three lives upside down

Soap Hub says that Thomas will go through a range of emotions as he processes that Phoebe is really Beth. He will experience shock, anger, fury, and rage as he tries to understand the sordid truth.

Thomas will ultimately decide to leave things as they are because it will keep Hope and Liam apart."B&B" spoilers say that he will be so full of himself that he will make life unbearable for Zoe, Xander, and Flo, which makes him a villain because Steffy is his flesh and blood. Thomas is putting his own selfish desires over what is best for his sibling.

Earlier "B&B" spoilers quoted Brad Bell as saying that someone would die because of the baby switch and suggested Thomas might kill Xander. Both men's emotions are all over the place and tensions are running high. Thomas is out of control but could he really go so far as to take a life? Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 130 PM EST to find out.