Mel B's one of the iconic members of the 90s-era British girl group the Spice Girls (minus one). They completed their UK-Ireland Spice World 2019 concert tour on Saturday. As if aware that their global fans have really missed out, “Scary” Spice Mel B announced onstage that there would be another tour next year, headed right for Australia.

Needless to say, fans of Mel B, Mel C, Geri, and Emma (and the absent Victoria) from the land down under were over the moon with the news that they might be seeing the Spice Girls this 2020. One can only imagine Australia’s disappointment when Mel B later clarified that a concert tour is not yet really in development.

Premature excitement for Australia

According to The Guardian, the initial hype for a follow-up Spice World concert tour by the Spice Girls to Australia took root at Wembley Stadium in London on June 15. It was the final night of the eight-city and 13-concert jaunt by four members of the group that started in May. While on the stage and with the background music for their song “Spice Up Your Life” blaring, the girls made several announcements ending with Mel B suddenly going, “See you in February in Australia!” That would mean they planned to go Down Under come February 2020.

Aussies will have to stop holding their breath, however.

By early Monday morning, Mel B was interviewed on radio and mentioned that an Australia Spice World concert tour was not exactly set in stone and that her concert announcement was just a “manifestation” of the idea. Perhaps the strains of her laughter in that segment might have been a clue. But Australians are rightly upset at the lack of confirmation.

After all, they almost had the Spice Girls in their country in 2008 during their reunion phase, only for the concert to be canceled due to having other commitments waiting.

Mel B explains her unsubstantiated announcement

While disappointment is in the minds of Spice Girls fans down under, at least their UK and Ireland followers were satisfied barring sound issues in the initial performances.

The culmination concert in Wembley this Saturday attracted Celebrities in the audiences as CNN tells it. Among them was Adele, who recalls that the last time she watched the group in Wembley was as a 10-year-old two decades and a year ago.

Mel B explained on her interview that while her talking about a Spice Girls concert in Australia was still in the air at the moment, she had figured that once she voiced that intent, even without any certainty, then perhaps things will transpire to make it possible. In any case, the group, including Victoria has other things to do this year, such as co-developing an animated movie starring them as superheroes, which will be produced by Paramount Animation, also coming in 2020.