'KUWTK' fans noticed that recently, Robert Kardashian's been flirting on social media with Dominican singer-songwriter, Natti Natasha. Khloe Kardashian, Robert's sister went onto Twitter after a recent thread between Natti and Robert and put her down with a tweet that asked, "who is this girl?" "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" fans rushed to tell her, although she probably really knows already.

Rober Kardashian of 'KUWTK' and Natti Natasha talk on Father's Day

On Father's Day, Natti posted up a message to Robert. It read, "Happy father’s day! You are an excellent father, I know.

God bless you. See you soon!" That came after Robert posted up a tweet that said, "Happy Father's Day to me." Of course, fans know that he's a dad to his daughter Dream and he shares custody of her with Blac Chyna. The couple split and divorced a few years back.

Celebrity Insider noted, "The only Kardashian brother has been single ever since the messy Blac Chyna breakup so it makes perfect sense that [his sisters] would be all for him finding love again." In their article, they suggest that the "KUWTK" family's all for him to continue his flirting with Natti Natasha. However, judging by the tone of Khloe's' tweet, that may not hold true.

Khloe and her put-down 'who is this girl?' tweet about the Dominican singer-songwriter

"KUWTK" fans could hardly believe their eyes when Khloe replied to the thread about Father's Day between Robert and Natti. Khloe's whole message read, "Rob what’s going on here?!?! Who is this girl?" Well, fans were quick to explain to Khloe, although maybe Khloe just joked about it.

For the uninitiated, Natti Natasha is a highly successful Latino singer and songwriter. Over on her YouTube shes got more views than Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, Celebrity Insider notes. In fact, her YouTube already racked up more than four-and-a-half billion views. Yes - billion, not million.

One fan said to Khloe that Natti's "a dominican singer your brother has a crush on," and another noted, "Arguably the biggest female Reggaeton artist in the world rn but yeah who is she." Yet another follower thought Robert from "KUWTK" and Natti, the singer would make a fine couple.

They posted, "It’s a Latin singer. From Dominican Republic. A good and beautiful person. I think that she’s the ideal girl for [your] brother." Another posted a meme saying, "Once you date Rob you date the whole Kardashian Fam that’s right!"

Natti Natasha's music career

Natasha hit it off in 2017 when Daddy Yankee from Puerto Rico and her collaborated on "Otra Cosa." Her song, "Criminal" hit the top five on the Billboard charts. Other collaborations include Becky G with "Sin Pijama." Plus, there were collaborations with Bad Bunny, R.K.M & Ken-Y, Becky G, Thalía and Cosculluela. Natasha is currently signed to Pina Records.

What do you think about 'KUWTK' star Khloe Kardashian putting down Natti Natasha with her 'who is this girl' tweet?

Do you think she was just joking with her brother Robert Kardashian over his social media flirting with the Dominican singer-songwriter?

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