For those who have been wondering when the third season of the 2017-started Ducktales” reboot on Disney XD will resume, one of its show-runners revealed the next six-episode titles on social media last weekend. And while the individual titles were exciting enough with their hints, series writer Frank Angones put special emphasis on the October 19 episode. Described as running an hour-long, “Let’s Get Dangerous” quite obviously heralds the return of classic Disney Afternoon regular Darkwing Duck, who was incredibly integrated into the reimagined “Ducktales” set last season.

Darkwing returns for one-hour adventure

Comic Book Resources has it that there can certainly be no doubt on Darkwing Duck, the masked mallard terror that flaps in the night, being the star of “Ducktales” season 3 episode 12. Show-runner Frank Angones said as much on a follow-up tweet to the episode announcement post, dated August 14. The Disney XD show itself will resume its third season, interrupted since May by COVID-19 difficulties, on September 21 according to Screen Rant.

To say that a return by the Darkwing Duck character on “Ducktales” is heavily anticipated by fans is an understatement.

His original show was a major component of the syndicated Disney Afternoon block in 1991-92. And the first appearances of Darkwing in the “Ducktales” remake, first as a season 1 show-within-a-show and then in season 2’s “The Duck Knight Returns,” were positively received by fans. The fact that his focus episode for season is an hour long and is also titled after one of his catchphrases come across as showing Darkwing Duck some love, courtesy of Angones and the staff.

Series synergy on ‘Ducktales’ remake

Darkwing Duck in the Disney XD “Ducktales” series is initially a fictional TV show character portrayed by a now washed-up actor (portrayed by original voice talent Jim Cummings). “The Duck Knight Returns” then sees a planned movie adaptation of the show starring a younger star, whom the original tries (and fails) to eliminate.

Ultimately the actor decides to play Darkwing as a real superhero in Duckburg, and his name is revealed to be that of the 1991 Disney Afternoon version.

The reimagining of the character for the “Ducktales” reboot is remarkable as the character’s original creator, Tad Stones, had remarked that the show was actually separate in continuity from the original “Ducktales” despite Launchpad McQuack appearing in both (as the sidekick to Darkwing and Scrooge respectively).

Reactions by fans on Frank Angones’ Twitter page have been pretty hype for Darkwing Duck’s return on “Let’s Get Dangerous.” They believe the upcoming episode will debut the remake version of Darkwing’s adoptive daughter Gosalyn. The character design was seen on a season 3 teaser poster. “Ducktales” returns September 21 on Disney XD, while the original “Darkwing Duck” animated series is currently streaming on Disney+.