"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers tease that Shiloh will be in serious danger. The head of the DoD has many enemies, including Sonny and Jason. In the next "GH" episodes, an unsuspected woman will come to the breaking point. We're talking about Alexis who, worried about Kristina's fate, could get to kill Shiloh. Yes, according to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', a new murder will upset Port Charles. The final clash between Shiloh and Alexis will take place on June 21 and fans will be left breathless in discovering the epilogue of this dark storyline.

'General Hospital': Shiloh to be knocked down

"General Hospital" spoilers say that Shiloh is about to face a difficult time. His enemies increase more and more and are willing to knock him down as soon as possible. Among them are Sonny and Jason, who have long hoped to destroy Archer and his dark DoD sect. If something bad happened to Shiloh, fans would immediately think that Jason and Sonny were responsible. Yet, a new twist in "GH" is about to change the whole scenario.

According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', it would be too easy to think that it's Jason and Sonny who take down Shiloh. Fans know that in the soap opera aired on ABC, surprises are the order of the day. In the next "GH" episodes, the character of Alexis will become absolutely central.

Alexis could kill Shiloh in the next 'GH' episodes

Alexis is terrified that Kristina's proof of trust is coming out. In the registration, Kriss had confessed that Alexis was Kiefer's killer. What would happen if this compromising evidence came to light? Alexis would be in trouble and would go to prison. The only person who has this recording in their hands is Shiloh Archer.

For this very reason, Alexis will be willing to eliminate him forever. In the sessions with Dr. Neil, Kristina's mother did a good job on herself. However, Alexis still can't let go of her desire to possess Jason's dark side.

The latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that in the episode of the soap opera aired on ABC on June 21, Alexis and Shiloh will clash.

Archer will take the woman to the limit, infuriating her. Probably, the head of the DoD will talk about Kristina and her compromising proof of trust given to the sect. Alexis won't immediately kill Shiloh, but he'll be on the right track. Other rumors say Kim will make an absurd request to Drew. Oscar's mother, devastated by pain, will have the desire to have another child. Will Drew accept the unexpected proposal? Also, in the episode of June 21, the two will be very close and could end up making love. What will happen after this crucial episode? We just have to wait for the next updates, news and the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.