General Hospital spoilers indicate that 16-year-old Ashton Arbib will return as Dev and make his way to Port Charles. The teen previously helped Sonny and Robert when they were looking for Dante in Turkey. Some viewers thought the young man would stow away and end up returning to the USA with the former mob boss but he did not. Sonny is going to welcome the lad and give him a very special assignment, which indicates he trusts him. Dev’s presence may result in his being part of the group with Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn. This new addition to the cast may liven things up from Oscar’s death, Jordan’s illness, and the darkness of Ryan.

Dev may annoy Joss

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Dev will show up in Port Charles and Sonny will be impressed that the teen made his way from Turkey to the United States and he will give him an assignment which is to keep an eye on his stepdaughter. The spoiler reveals that Josslyn is going to become annoyed and wonder why this newcomer is shadowing her. Carly is always there for Joss and Jax is back in town to support his daughter. She also has Michael Kristina Cameron and Trina to lean on. "General Hospital" spoilers don't say why Sonny wants Dev to keep an eye on Joss but all will be revealed.

Josslyn is headstrong like her mother and will not want a stranger invading her personal space. She will be protesting and spoilers say she will be very suspicious of Dev’s motives.

Some "GH" fans may be disappointed if Joss and Cameron don't get their chance at romance and she chooses Dev. Many viewers waited through Oscar's sickness and death for 'Jam' to connect and now someone else may have come along.

'GH' viewers tired of Nelle and Ryan

For some time now, "General Hospital" viewers have complained that they desire certain storylines to come to an end.

The Ryan Chamberlain saga and the baby swap are two that continue and Soap Dirt indicates they are about to become intertwined. Nelle and Ryan are going to break out of jail together and run amuck in Port Charles. Dev coming to town will be a nice diversion and he may become part of the group with Josslyn, Cameo and Trina. He might even be paired with one of the girls.

"GH" viewers were led to believe that Cameron and Joss might fall in love after Oscar passed away. Cameron put his feelings aside when he found Oscar had a brain tumor, and in time he might tell Joss how he feels. Sonny brings Dev into his home where he will be in close proximity to Jax and Carly's daughter and may develop feelings for her. She could be attracted to him as well and Cam and Trina might begin dating. The writers could decide to have Dev with Trina or Josslyn. However, this works out there is sure to be teen angst and plenty of drama.