“The Young and the Restless” head writer Josh Griffith said he had a reason for bringing Michelle Stafford back as Phyllis, and each day she is on screen, it becomes more clear as to why she replaced Gina Tognoni. Stafford brings a feistiness to the character and a high level of energy that is obviously different from that of her predecessor. Thus far she has escaped after being kidnapped, dug up dirt in Los Vegas, and turned the tables on Adam. She also scored the CEO position at Dark Horse. Earlier spoiler alerts said once Stafford took over the role, Phyllis would claw her way from the bottom to the top and she is doing it in record time.

Now Kevin will be at her mercy because the fiery redhead knows he is the one who kidnapped her.

‘Y&R’ is making Phyllis great again

"Y&R” is taking Phyllis in a direction that might not have been possible had Gina Tognoni remained in the role. Josh Griffith said his vision for the character would be revealed if viewers remained patient, and now some things are falling into place. Tognoni portrayed Ms. Summers in a serious, take no prisoners manner. Michelle Stafford’s personality runs hot, cold, sinister, and sneaky which works well in the current storyline with Nick, Adam, and Kevin. No disrespect to the former actress, but the character is being made great again.

“Y&R” viewers got a treat on Friday, as Phyllis taunted Sharon about secretly lusting after Adam while living with Rey.

That gleam in her eyes as she whispered in her frenemy’s ear was priceless. It let everyone know that the old scheming manipulative Phyllis is back in Genoa City. Fans of the CBS daytime drama should now have a better idea of the direction Josh Griffith was talking about and Gina Tognoni supporters might be a little less angry and offended.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soaps She Knows have quoted Griffith as saying the decision to switch actresses was not personal but storyline driven and that is becoming quite obvious.

‘Y&R’ gives Phyllis leverage over Adam and Kevin

"The Young and the Restless” is stretching Phyllis in a way they did not when Tognoni had the role.

Michelle Stafford”s version of Ms. Summers believed the Newman prodigal has kidnapped her, so when she escaped captivity she went to Vegas where She spoke with Riza and found out Adam has a connection to Chance Chancellor. Phyllis used this as leverage and now she is CEO of Dark Horse, which in a way, is payback for the way Nick treated her. Family and friends are shocked at this move, but the fiery redhead says it’s just business.

”The Young and the Restless” preview for Monday shows that Phyllis has gained even more ground as she yells at Kevin that he is the one who kidnapped her. When they ran into each other on Friday, Kevin was nervous and jumpy. He’s never been able to hold a poker face, so he probably slipped up and gave himself away. Considering what she did to Adam who she only suspected of abducting her, viewers had better brace themselves for what may happen to Kevin.