“The Young and the Restless” promises big fireworks this week as the Newman’s celebrate July 4. The entire clan, except for Adam will enjoy themselves at a holiday carnival. Nick, Christian, and even Chelsea will be there. Victor, Nikki, Billy, and Victoria are going to be having fun. The prodigal son, however, will be sharing a drink with Phyllis, as they toast to being the town outcasts. Monday’s promo indicates Ms. Summers will figure out Kevin was her captor. so perhaps she will begin to let her guard down around Victor’s namesake.

‘Y&R’ has Chelsea reject Adam while Phyllis embraces him

”The Young and the Restless” has been throwing Phadam together and this week they will embrace who they are. Soap Dirt reveals that Adam and Phyllis will spend July 4 together and celebrate that they are both misunderstood.and even hated by most of Genoa City. The duo will spend the holiday in the penthouse and toast to their common denominator. Phyllis had believed that Victor’s namesake kidnapped her, but a promo for Monday’s episode indicates that she figured out it’s Kevin.

“Y&R” spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Chelsea will reject Adam’s plea to reunite their family. Right now she wants Conner to continue the life he had been living, which does not include his biological dad.

This will no doubt push Adam even more in the direction of Phyllis. Separately these two are train wrecks, and now that they are putting their heads together, it will be spontaneous combustion.

'Y&R’ celebrates the Newman family

“Y&R” viewers were promised by head writer Josh Griffith that core families would be showcased again and he is keeping his word.

Spoilers indicate that the Newman’s, sans Adam, will enjoy themselves at a local carnival for July 4. Victor and Nikki will be trying to make the most of the day in spite of his health issues. “Villy” will be having a ball when they pose for photos where Billy is a mermaid and Victoria a strongman. Chelsea will show up with Conner which is sure to please Nick, as well as the rest of the clan.

”Y&R” devotees who missed seeing the Newman’s front and center while Mal Young was head writer, will be delighted that the family will be celebrating July 4 together. Christian, Johnny, and Katie will probably be having the time of their lives. On the other side of town, Adam and Phyllis will be drinking and conspiring together, which will also be entertaining. There is no telling where these dark minds will go if left unchecked, so expect the fireworks to continue for quite some time. Spoiler alerts indicate July 4 will be an eventful day, so be sure to tune in on CBS, at 12:30 PM EST, weekday afternoons.