David Eason, the husband of "Teen Mom 2's" Jenelle Evans allegedly beat her little Frenchie, Nugget nearly to death before shooting the little doggie. Across social media, outrage at what went down has many fans calling on MTV to fire Jenelle Evans from the show. Actually, there's a petition circulating as fans feel MTV stands behind animal abuse by not taking action. Now, enraged at the news that David abused the dog, New York Bully Crew's founder, Craig, who goes by the social media moniker of c.legit 5 issued two public challenges to Eason to a physical fight.

In fact, he feels funds raised could go to a shelter that protects abused animals.

The dog killing incident by David Eason

TV Shows Ace covered the story by Radar Online who broke the news that Jenelle "ran away from her home" after David Eason killed her little dog Nugget. At first, Jennelle denied she ran away, or that she even knew about it. According to TV Shows Ace, Jenelle "actually, she said that she hadn’t “been home all day,” That’s because she was really busy looking after both her and the kids. She added that she had “no idea any visitors came to [her] house.” Jenelle also said that she has no idea “what happened” there."

However, later reports by TMZ showed that David Eason filmed the incident.

It seemed that little Ensley got a bit too close to the dog, and it nipped at her. Using the video to justify the death, David slammed the little pooch on the deck out back. Apparently, other reports suggest he threw it across the kitchen. Other reports indicate he was covered in the dog's blood when he finally took it away and shot and killed it.

This was very distressing to followers of the "Teen Mom 2" show." Further news from TMZ suggested David Eason regularly uses a BB gun to shoot at another dog, a pit bull.

The Blast later reported that Eason and Jenelle are currently under investigation. They wrote this was "by child protection officials in North Carolina after receiving a complaint that the children in the home could be in danger." Plus, fans grew angry that after denying she knew anything about it, Jenelle later said she's been crying for days." So obviously, when she denied it, she already knew about it, as only hours passed since the original report.

Craig challenges David Eason to a fight

Taking to YouTube and Instagram, New York Bully Crew's c.legit 5 challenged David Eason to a physical fight. The YouTube video can't be shown here because of profanity - (that one really angry tough dude.) On his Instagram, he posted a video and captioned it. In the caption, he said that he has a "MESSAGE FOR DAVID EASON." He wanted him to know that "animal lovers and REAL MEN across the country are [banding] together to get JUSTICE FOR NUGGET." Then he added, that @animalhopeandwellness even posted "a reward for the whereabouts of Nugget’s body to help bring justice to fruition"

Now, Craig said that he wants to help in bringing justice to Nugget as well.

That's why he was issuing David Eason a challenge. He notes that "animal abusers are sociopaths, especially the ones who brag about their heinous acts! They are only one step away from abusing, and or killing humans. Some may want to sit and wait for authorities to serve justice. I have a different kind of Justice in mind though!"

He added that it's not right for people just "turn a blind eye to it" as "an animal abuser is the lowest kind of subhuman there is, they feed their mental illness on the pain and suffering of defenseless creatures." Finally, he said to Eason, "Well, I’m not defenseless, so let’s see how those tactics work on me. I am challenging @easondavid88 to come face to face with someone who can fight back...

Let’s see how tough you are then, HOLLA!" He then hashtagged it with #speakingfortheoneswhocant, #voiceforthevoiceless, #justicefornugget, and more. In fact, any funds raised could go to an animal shelter that rescues animals.

Angry people react to the fight challenge between Graig of New York Bully Crew and David Eason

Over on Instagram, people reacted to the Bully Crew challenge. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • "Sad that there is also other dogs on the property...Hope they don't have the same fate."
  • "If someone’s was selling tickets, I’d pay for that ticket in a heartbeat."
  • "Thank you for not letting this just become old news.. much love"
  • "Just when I didn’t think I could love you more. You said what we were all thinking."
  • "This is a real man right here! A man who is respectable, cares about women, cares about people, cares about dogs, and cares about beating the sh*t out of pissy as f**ks !! Good job Craig!"
  • "This might just be my favorite message ever spread on social media! I just love everything about you and this! Thank you for everything you do! ❤️"

If you don't know, The Bully Crew, according to their website, is a "nonprofit organization that specializes in the rescue and care of Pit Bulls." Plus, they won't turn away from helping any other breed that needs it.

They are a tough crew who've been around for about nine years.

What do you think about David Eason being challenged to a physical fight by New York Bully Crew's clegit5? Do you think he'll take up Craig's offer? Lots of people think he's too much of a coward without his guns and bullets.

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