General Hospital” viewers were happy to see more of Mac Scorpio and his wife Felicia in Port Charles during the search for Ryan Chamberlain, and now there is additional good news. Spoiler alerts indicate that John J York has revealed that his character will soon have even more screen time, as Mac will once again be the police commissioner. Jordan will have some down time as she recovers from surgery. She has been trying to do all she can from her hospital bed, but it’s not sufficient. Mayor Laura Collins will appoint Mac to step into his old position and run things until Mrs.

Ashford is back on her feet.

Mac is back in Port Charles

The Scorpio’s have been on the back burner in Port Charles for quite some time. Fans believed they would play a prominent role during the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Instead, “GH” execs decided to have the demented doctor be obsessed with Ava Jerome. Celeb Dirty Laundry says John J York have an interview to Soap Opera Digest, where he said Frank Valenti made him an exciting offer. His character, Mac Scorpio, will become the Port Charles police commissioner once again, while Jordan is recovering from the kidney transplant.

The interim police commissioner is going to have his hands full because there is a lot going on and more to come.

Soap Dirt reveals that crime is going to spike in Port Charles starting with Nelle and Ryan breaking out of prison. Shiloh will continue running Dawn of Day and getting away with whatever he can. Two fugitives on the loose and a cult leader intimidating people will keep Mac Scorpio pretty busy. There will also be crimes that need punishment when the baby switch comes to light.

Spoilers don’t say much about Felicia, but if her spouse is on screen more, fans may get to see her as well.

Mac and Felicia are Port Charles royalty

Felicia has been a part of Port Charles since the 1980s when Frisch found her dressed as a boy. She and Mac are one of the most endearing and enduring couples on General Hospital Now that Frank Valenti has put Mr.

Scorpio front and center again, perhaps it will be more than a temporary gig. Curtis and Jordan may decide that she should not return to her position as police commissioner and Mac Scorpio could be given the job permanently.

Be on the lookout for breaking news from spoiler alerts related to upcoming storylines involving Mac Scorpio and Felicia. Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry both promise to give updates as new information becomes available, so stay tuned. Continue to keep up with what’s going on with your favorite Port Charles characters by watching “General Hospital” every weekday afternoon. You can catch all the drama, intrigue, romance and action at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.