"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers for the next two weeks are full of twists and turns. Nelle Benson will escape from prison and probably take Ryan with them. 'Crazy Nelle' and the evil Ryan could form a dangerous alliance. Kim will make a drastic choice that will change her life forever. Oscar's mother will ask Drew to have a son. The man will not want to know and will throw Kim into despair. At that point, Kim summons Shiloh to make a shocking request. In all likelihood, Kim will ask Archer to join the DoD, which has no hope for her future. In addition, other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Valentin will jeopardize Sasha's dark secret.

'General Hospital' Spoilers week of 17-21 June

"General Hospital" spoilers from 17 to 21 June tell that Maxie will try to help Dante and Lulu. Maxie hopes that the 'Lante' couple will return to being as happy as they once were. However, the situation will be more complicated than expected and Maxie will only end up causing trouble. In addition, Dev will make a long trip to see Sonny. Dev will approach Josslyn and will have to help her overcome the pain over the death of Black Oscar.

Sonny will ask Dev for this favor, worried about the state of mind of the fragile Joss. Dev will do everything possible to help Josslyn who, on the other hand, will begin to suspect that the boy is not telling her the truth.

Oscar Nero's death will continue to affect the lives of many of the protagonists of the soap opera. Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Kim will make an unexpected request to Drew. The woman will have the desire to have a child with Drew, so as to have an 'Oscar's brother' in her lap. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' though, Drew won't take Kim's idea very well.

'General Hospital' week 24-28 June

What will happen in the "GH" episodes from 24 to 28 June? Kim will be increasingly depressed, especially after Drew rejects her request to have a baby. She will have to accept the idea of letting Oscar go forever. "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Kim will make a drastic decision, approaching the Dawn of Day.

Oscar's mother will in fact summon Shiloh home, making him a shocking request.

In the next episodes of the soap opera, Nelle Benson will also manage to escape from prison. At the same time, Ryan will disappear into thin air. Will Crazy Nelle take Chamberlain with her? This hypothesis is really interesting. We can't exclude that Nelle and Ryan form a dangerous alliance to sow terror in Port Charles. Finally, Valentin could bring out Sasha's dark secret. Mysteries, intrigue and murky alliances will be at the heart of the soap. Stay tuned for the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.