Spoiler alerts for ”The Young and the Restless” are answering a question that has perplexed viewers for some time. Everyone wants to know which son Victor will support in the custody battle for his grandson Christian. Nick believes his half-sibling in the golden child and that his dad will side with the boy’s biological father. Adam considers himself the black sheep of the family and is angry his pops has not taken his side. The Newman patriarch has contended that he will stay out of this fight but now it is being revealed that he will choose one son over the other.

This does not, however, indicate that the custody judge will agree with Victor.

Adam, Nick, Christian on ‘Y&R’

Adam is Christian’s biological father and Sage was his mother. Adam made the choice to allow Nick to raise his son and assume the boy was his. Chelsea and Victor’s third child raised Conner together and even when Sage died remained silent. Now that he is back from the dead, Victor’s namesake believes he should have full custody of his child, and has told his father that he should be on his side. Until now “Y&R” spoilers have only said the custody battle will heat up and that Chelsea will return to Genoa City, but now indicate which son Victor will support.

Nick has raised Christian since Sage’s death and believes his brother should leave things as they are, Mark Grossman’s version of Adam is showing himself to be pretty ruthless and Soap Dirt indicates that “Y&R” fans are loving him.

The spoiler even reveals that Eric Braeden is giving rave reviews about the latest actor to portray his second son. None of this, however, will determine who gains full custody of the child, but spoilers are now letting viewers know where Victor's loyalties lie.

Victor’s decision

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Victor will side with Nick in the custody battle.

This was a difficult decision, as the Newman patriarch had said he would not choose between sons. Spoilers say this will shock Nicholas and perhaps heal some of the wounds between father and son. The “Y&R” spoiler does not indicate why Victor will choose Nick, but recent events give viewers some clues. Adam himself initially decided that Christian should be raised by his brother, so perhaps the Newman patriarch believes the child should remain in the only home he had ever known.

Now that “Y&R” has revealed that Victor has a terminal illness, he may feel remorse for trying to take his grandson from Nick. He may also come to realize that Nicholas is more grounded than his brother. Last week CDL and Soap Dirt suggested that Adam may be the only bone marrow match for his father. If Victor took his namesake’s side in the custody battle Adam surely would agree to save his life. If Victor sides with Nick after surgery there is not much his second son can do. Should the decision be made prior to searching for a donor, there is no telling how things will work out, so stay tuned.