"General Hospital" new spoilers say that Nelle Benson will soon return to Port Charles. 'Crazy Nelle' is definitely tired of spending her days behind bars and wants to see her son again. She also wants revenge on all those who have taken her liberty. Meanwhile, Ryan Chamberlain has recovered from the kidney transplant and is ready to vent his anger. Most likely, Nelle and Ryan will form a dangerous alliance.

Ryan will help Nelle out of prison without waiting for her parole. The two characters have a lot in common, and for this reason, they will join forces to do evil.

Meanwhile, Kim Nero will slip into a tunnel of depression after Oscar's death. She wants to have a baby, but both Drew and Julian will not satisfy her desire. Then, Shiloh Archer comes into play. The head of the DoD will offer himself as a 'baby daddy,' provided Kim keeps her promise to join the Dawn of Day.

'GH' spoilers: who's going to kill Ryan Chamberlain?

In the next episodes of "General Hospital," Nelle Benson will get out of prison thanks to Ryan's help. The two dangerous characters will unite their intricate heads. What will their dark goal be? Spoilers say that Franco will receive terrible news in the episode of June 24. In all likelihood, Ava and Franco will discover that Ryan is out of the hospital.

Julian is safe, what will happen to Ryan now? According to the hypothesis of Celeb Dirty Laundry, the storyline will take an unexpected outcome. Ryan Chamberlain, in fact, could soon be murdered.

Ava has already tried to take out Ryan. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Nelle Benson could kill the treacherous Chamberlain.

The two characters will make a pact, but Nelle is certainly not reliable. Their macabre plan will end with a murder. Moreover, Ryan seems to be underestimating the danger from Nelle Benson, a woman who now has nothing to lose.

Shiloh lures Kim in upcoming 'General Hospital' episodes

Other "GH" spoilers reveal that Kim will be calling Shiloh.

Dr. Nero has a desperate request for the dark head of the Dawn of Day. Celebrity Dirty Laundry says that Kim Nero will confide in Archer, confessing to him her desire to have another child. At that point, Shiloh will take advantage of her frailty, presenting herself as a 'baby daddy.'

Everything has a very high price for Shiloh. The man, in fact, in exchange for his 'favor' will demand that Kim join the Dawn of Day. What offer of trust will Oscar's mother have to give? Perhaps, just the son she could conceive with Shiloh. We are sure that Kim will set out on a dark path in the next few episodes aired on ABC. Stay tuned for the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, news and updates.