"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers ensure unexpected twists and turns. In the episodes from 24 to 28 June aired on ABC, Kim will be devastated by the pain of Oscar's death. The woman has stopped an apartment in which to take refuge and not think about anything. After being thundered by the mountain, Kim Nero has matured the idea of having another child. Her hope is to be happy again raising a child to remind her of Oscar. Julian did not accept Kim's desperate request. He didn't want to disappoint her, but he thought it was better to wait for better times.

Kim's obsessive desire will not disappear, leading her to make a very dangerous choice.

Kim Nero on a dark path

Spoilers reveal that Kim's next baby daddy could be Drew. The desperate woman will ask him to make a son in memory of Oscar Nero. Drew, upset, will not accept the woman's request. He knows that Kim doesn't really want a child, but he just wants to replace Oscar Nero with another child to try to suffocate her pain. Kim will react very badly to Drew's refusal and fall even lower.

Meanwhile, Alexis will think about how to eliminate the proof of the trust that Kristina has offered to the DoD. Shiloh is the only person in possession of the registration. Precisely for this reason, Kriss' mother will consider killing the head of the Dawn of Day.

Between the two there will be a dangerous clash in the next episodes of "General Hospital".

Shiloh new 'baby daddy'

Other interesting "General Hospital" spoilers say that Kim will not find peace after Julian and Drew's rejections. At that point, the woman will make an extreme choice. In episodes of "GH" aired on ABC from June 24 to 28, Oscar's mother will call Shiloh.

The head of the DoD will be happy to have a fragile and manipulable woman in his hands. Archer will then try to seduce her and, according to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', could propose to her to be her 'baby daddy'. Obviously, Shiloh's 'gift' will have a very high price.

Kim, desperate, will be faced with the likely realization of her dream.

Will Shiloh be the man with whom she will make love, trying to get pregnant? If that happens, Kim will have to be very grateful to Shiloh. In this regard, the head of the DoD may propose that she join the sect. In that case, Kim will have to give her proof of trust like all the other adepts. Will Shiloh ask her to hand over her son to him? The situation is getting hot. Meanwhile, Alexis will continue her plan to bring Shiloh down. In addition, we will see the dangerous alliance between Nelle Benson and Ryan, ready to terrorize Port Charles and reap new victims. We look forward to the next "General Hospital" spoilers and episodes aired on ABC. Stay tuned.