"General Hospital" spoilers are full of twists and turns. Kim will not manage to recover after Oscar's death. The woman will try to convince Drew to have another child, but she will get nothing. Her despair will be so deep that she makes a fatal mistake. Kim in fact approaches Shiloh, confiding her pain. Shiloh will not waste time manipulating her, proposing she enters the Dawn of Day.

Meanwhile, Alexis is ready to knock down Archer once and for all. Alexis wants Shiloh dead. The woman knows that the proof of trust left by Kristina is in the hands of Shiloh and for this reason, she must disappear forever.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers for the next two weeks reveal that Josslyn will receive an unexpected visit, which will make Cameron jealous. Port Charles, on the other hand, will tremble over the arrival of 'Crazy Nelle', who will be released from prison. At the same time, Ryan disappears from the hospital. In all likelihood, Nelle Benson and Ryan will have a dangerous alliance: who will be their victims?

'General Hospital: Kim close to the DoD

"General Hospital's" previous spoilers said Kim will completely lose her head. The woman, after having had an illness in the mountains, had hallucinations. When she came back to her senses, she thought about what had happened and came up with a crazy idea.

Kim wants another child to remind her of Oscar.

The only possibility is to conceive the child with Drew. In the next episodes of the soap opera, the two could make love. However, Drew will bring Kim back to reality, telling her that it's not possible to replace Oscar. Kim, desperate, will call Shiloh in tears. The woman is fragile and defenseless.

Obviously Archer will take advantage of it and propose to her to enter the Dawn of Day. In that magical place, Shiloh will promise her that she will find happiness. Will Kim fall into Archer's trap?

Spoilers 'General Hospital': Nelle escapes and Ryan disappears

Other interesting "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Nelle Benson will manage to get out of prison and return to Port Charles.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that the woman's desire is to reunite with her son, even if it won't be easy at all. At the same time, Ryan will disappear from the hospital after the kidney operation he underwent without his knowledge. It seems that Nelle and Ryan Chamberlain are forging a dark alliance to take revenge on their respective enemies.

Valentin Cassadine will be troubled

Moreover, Franco will have some discouraging news. Julian will have to confess the truth about Wiley. Julian, however, doesn't know that Wiley and Jonah are the same person. Another secret is about to be discovered. We're talking about Sasha's secret, which will come to light thanks to Valentin's intuitions. See you soon with other "General Hospital" spoilers, updates and news.