Nipsey Hussle was a humanitarian for the people. He saw the good in this world and was pursuing it, attempting to open doors for the youth, as well as supplying jobs to many adults in the community. Now, Nipsey is being honored with BET's 2019 Humanitarian Award for his legacy and excellence regarding those endeavors. A lot of people in the Los Angeles community called Hussle "Neighborhood Nip," for the way he looked out for his people.

A humanitarian: Nipsey Hussle cared for his people and was dearly loved

According to the Executive Vice-President and Head of Programming at BET, Connie Orlando, humanitarian Nipsey Hussle was a "prolific artist and leader." She says Nipsey was all about betterment and change as a humanitarian for his community, The Root reports.

He loved empowering and employing people who were in need. Hussle was influential and a "highly-respected activist."

She continues by elaborating on Nipsey's death. According to her, Hussle's loss was "tremendous" within the city, the entertainment community, and culture. So, it's BET's goal to "remember his advocacy" as a humanitarian, basically helping to continue the marathon Nipsey was running amid his endeavors. The executive vice president also mentions that Hussle laid the groundwork for social change, and the world is "grateful, humbled, and honored" to have known him, even in his passing.

Nipsey Hussle: His humanitarian accomplishments were well above-average

According to I Love Old School Music's publication, writer Sonya Magett went into detail regarding Nipsey Hussle's accomplishments during his time alive.

As you might know, Nipsey Hussle purchased the entire shopping plaza that houses The Marathon, Hussle's clothing store. On top of that, Nipsey has been supporting a new Los Angeles-based arts project called Destination Crenshaw.

Humanitarian Nipsey Hussle donated several pairs of shoes to Crenshaw Elementary, as well as funded the school's playground and basketball courts.

Likewise, in partnership with Vector90, Nipsey launched "Too Big To Fail," which is a STEM initiative for the local youth in the area. According to the ILOSM report, Hussle's plans included replicating what he was doing in Los Angeles for Baltimore, Chicago, and Atlanta. In a previous Blasting News report, Hussle's life was so prolific, LA Crips and Bloods formed a peace treaty due to Nipsey's death.

The aforementioned accomplishments don't even include all the financial endeavors he was personally pursuing for himself, including but not limited to: real estate, cryptocurrency via FollowCoin, and other businesses.

Nipsey Hussle's family will be presented the humanitarian award regarding his legacy at the 19th Annual BET Awards ceremony, Sunday, June 23, at 8 PM EST. The event will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.