"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers for Friday, June 7 tell that Nina and Maxie will meet to discuss. Maxie will tell her friend that she intends to bring Lulu and Dante together, who recently had some misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Nina continues to pursue her plan together with Jasper. "Jax" is very attracted to Nina, but at the same time wants her to do her job properly. Nina, for her part, intends to present herself at her best to Jasper and for this very reason will try not to make mistakes. It cannot be ruled out that the woman will ask Maxie for help to achieve her goal without taking any risks.

Ryan Chamberlain: difficult to kill

In the episode of "General Hospital" aired on ABC on June 7, there will be many news and twists. Nina and Maxie will be determined to join forces to achieve their respective goals. Meanwhile, Carly will be surprised by Jax, who will give her a surfboard. Probably, Jax has thought of giving this gift to Josslyn in an attempt to lift it after the heartbreaking death of Oscar Nero. Will Jax's idea be a winner or will it be too risky? Carly won't be very enthusiastic, as she's afraid that Josslyn might put herself in danger.

"General Hospital" spoilers also reveal that Ryan Chamberlain will still be in the hands of Dr. Kevin. It seems Ryan is harder to kill than expected.

Kevin will confess his fears to Laura, who will not know how to act. The situation is difficult and a false move could cost everyone dearly. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' we know however that Kevin will have no intention of giving up on his plan to save Jordan's life, waiting for a kidney transplant.

Kevin doesn't know if he should kill his brother

Is Kevin gonna kill his evil twin brother? The man seems intent on completing his plan. After surgery, Ryan went into a coma. However, he has no intention of letting go and seems to cling to life with all his might. According to 'Full TV Shows', Kevin is aware that if he wants to save Jordan, he must kill Ryan, but will he be able to make such a cruel gesture?

Fans think not, because Kevin's soul is good, unlike that of his brother.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth will say that Jordan has asked for the DNR test. The news will terrify TJ and Curtis. Stella will listen to the whole conversation and try to calm down the guys who, in the meantime, will have a panic crisis. Other interesting "GH" spoilers say that Sasha, fomented by Nina, will start to carry out her plan to conquer Michael. The girl will ask Michael for a romantic date. Will it be an opportunity to bring out Nina's secret? More details will emerge with the next "General Hospital" spoilers. Stay tuned.