It's time to accept that people aren't all there. It seems like, as concerns this younger generation, there tends to be disrespect toward simple manners, and it borders an exponentially increasing lack of common sense. As Complex reported, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson found himself nearly squaring-up with an aspiring rapper who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Eventually, things started to get hostile for Curtis Jackson.

Realistically, as humans, we all have our personal space preferences. And we typically don't like them violated. Celebrities are no different.

If anything, they're more protective about theirs, given apparent dangers like this one.

Vibe reported that 50 Cent encountered a potential danger while trying to enjoy a movie date. But, unfortunately, Curtis Jackson didn't have security personnel tagging along.

In a previous Blasting News report, Nipsey Hussle was shot down in a similar, security-less situation less than two months ago.

Nevertheless, according to Vibe, Jackson encountered the aspiring rapper's harassment while on a date with Nikki Nicole. Jackson's date is seen in the following videos keeping her distance — and for good reason. Although 50 Cent attempted to de-escalate the situation, it's possible he remembered why he weighs safety against comfort.

While security can be bothersome, this aspiring rapper proved to be far more of a nuisance for Curtis Jackson.

Warning: The following videos contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to Lucci Bagz, the video's uploader, the aspiring rapper goes by the name of NFL Dume. Looking at his Instagram page, the rapper has changed his bio-tag to the exact phrase he keeps repeating to Curtis Jackson: "50 Cent take a look at my IG at least." Yet, 50 Cent isn't feeling the aspiring rapper at all.

It got to the point where Jackson directly told him that he and his approach would never work out.

50 Cent tells the aspiring rapper about his problem

As you can see from the video, 50 Cent basically called the aspiring artist out. Common sense would dictate that Curtis Jackson doesn't feel like being bothered in that very moment.

He's trying to enjoy a date. It isn't the right place or the right time to approach 50 Cent about business. Yet, and still, on top of that, the aspiring rapper is far too aggressive. Knowing that Jackson doesn't have any security around him, that fact should make him back up — especially if Dume is looking for a real consideration. Right?

If the aspiring artist had even the slightest chance, that bridge is now torched. According to Complex, 50 Cent told Dume that he's "stupid." In the video, you can hear Jackson literally ask him, "Are you crazy?" And all the aspiring rapper has to say? "Look at my IG, at least."

Curtis Jackson reportedly has $8 million in Bitcoin he forgot about.