"General Hospital" spoilers are bringing up two important facts regarding the baby switch. Soap Hub suggests it will be a task to get everything to fall into place. The first is that there are entirely too many loose ends that need to be connected, and the second is that when it all finally comes together, there will be far too many lives ruined. Eden McCoy who portrays Josslyn, says viewers need to fasten their seatbelts and those words are true. Fans will need scorecards to keep up with all the players, and the various agendas. Every lie will come to light and all the bad guys will be exposed.

Joy and happiness when Wiley is reunited with his actual family will be marred by all the damaged emotions.

GH fans should fasten seatbelts

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Eden McCoy told her social media followers that “GH” viewers should be making sure their seatbelts are buckled up. In the accompanying photo, the actress was standing with the two men who portray Brad and Lucas, which implies she is talking about the baby switch. There are so many facets to this storyline that many of the dots don’t seem to connect anywhere. Soap Dirt teases that everything is about to come to a head, which indicates that some minor players are about to be exposed

"GH" viewers know that Obrecht visited Nelle in jail, and promised not to tell anyone that she assisted Ms.Benson in a live birth.

Liesl promised to keep the secret until she had a need. She has not been seen since the Nurses Ball, so there is no clue how or why her role will be revealed. Spoilers say Nelle will pretend to be sick escape custody. She more than likely will seek assistance from Obrecht or Brad. Once Wiley/Noah's birth mother is on the loose, there will pandemonium in Port Charles.

This will be one time Julian can't make things all better for his son in law and even he will be surprised to find out his grandson is really Michael's biological child.

Lots of explaining on 'GH'

There will need to be a lot of explaining done in Port Charles to clear up all the confusion. Sam is assisting Julian who is covering for Brad who is lying to Lucas.

On Wednesday, Shiloh strong-armed Harmony who in turn is pressuring Willow, all for access to a baby they don't know has died. This sordid tale can only be resolved when all the facts are front and center and with Nelle back on “General Hospital” this is most likely the beginning of the end to all the deception.

Nelle and Brad are the only two who know the entire truth, and when it comes out, they will be the most hated duo in Port Charles. The Quartermaines will seek the legal system, while the Corinthos family may decide on their own brand of justice. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both promise updates on the baby switch when new information becomes available. Until then continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.