"General Hospital" spoilers say the atmosphere in Port Charles will get hot. Nelle Benson, thanks to the help of Ryan Chamberlain, he will be able to get out of prison. The two will form a dangerous alliance, which could end in a murder. From the rumors of the soap opera we know in fact that, most likely, Crazy Nelle will lose his head and want to get rid of her ally. Other "GH" spoilers, tease that Willow's recent revelation will have very unexpected repercussions, bringing serious problems to her life. In the June 20 episode, Willow confessed to Michael that he killed his father.

However, we know that the story is not so simple and that there are many dark spots.

Willow's confession

In the "General Hospital" episode for June 20, Willow told Michael about the painful episode concerning the death of her father. Michael, listening carefully to the girl, sensed that she was forced to act in that way. Willow would never want to hurt her father. Willow Tait had been completely manipulated by the DoD and was forced to make a drastic choice. Shiloh, on the other hand, was very good at feeding Willow's lies. It seems that the girl knew how the murder of her father took place, but she didn't do anything to prevent it from happening.

Moreover, it is not a secret that Shiloh ordered her to make a brutal gesture to hide the real dynamics of the murder.

As we know, the DoD community is united, and always acts as a team. Soap fans don't think Willow is really a murderer. A plausible hypothesis is that she doesn't really know what happened and that someone made her forget about it. Shiloh and Harmony could have manipulated Willow's memories to make her believe something that never really happened.

As often happens at the Dawn of Day, the followers of the sect may have convinced her that she was really the one who killed her father, making her go over a murder that actually never happened.

Willow could be arrested

Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Diana Miller will point out to Willow that the task of pleading innocent will be very difficult, as Shiloh's lawyer is very powerful and able to convince the court.

Also, let's not forget that Shiloh has all the Dod behind him, ready to do anything to help. So, we can imagine that the court doesn't believe Willow and that he's right about Shiloh.

Interesting and shocking spoilers reveal that Willow could be taken into custody. Harrison Chase will arrest an unexpected character in the June 25 episode. The clues all lead to the name Willow. In the June 28 episode, Chase will visit Willow. Chase is not going to the girl for a peaceful meeting at all, but he is visiting her. In all likelihood, she's going to be arrested. What will happen? We just have to wait for the next exciting "General Hospital" spoilers and watch the aired episodes on ABC.