"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers for the week of June 3-7 promise great twists. Willow will be on the verge of discovering the truth. Shiloh will have a dangerous faceoff that could cost him a lot of money. Carly, on the other hand, will be desperate to go to the cemetery in an attempt to talk to Morgan. In addition, we will discover the dangerous moves by Ryan who, disregarding the initial assumptions, is alive and has clear intentions to complicate the lives of all those who dare to hinder his criminal plans. Kim, after returning from the mission to Kilimanjaro to spread the ashes of Oscar, will have an emotional collapse.

The latest 'GH' spoilers suggest that from this moment on, Kim will be even more devastated and could commit extreme actions.

'General Hospital': Carly desperate at the cemetery

In the episodes of "General Hospital" of the week 3-7 June, Nina and Valentin will postpone the wedding. Nina needs more time to reflect and will communicate her decision to Valentin. Jordan's storyline continues, struggling between life and death while waiting for the kidney transplant. Time is short and the woman risks dying. Jordan will do anything to find the kidney needed to save her.

Other "GH" spoilers say that Franco will miss Kiki and so he will go to visit her grave. The same melancholy will attack Carly, still devastated by Morgan's death.

Carly is now expecting a baby, but it seems that there will be some problems related to pregnancy. Carly will go to Morgan's grave and want to spend some time with him, telling him about her fears.

Kim could commit suicide in the next 'General Hospital' episodes

According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', we can tell you that Kim and Drew will return from their mission to Kilimanjaro.

Oscar Nero's parents wanted to fulfill their son's last wish by spreading the boy's ashes on his favorite mountain. Kim, back home, will understand that now there's nothing more than the devastating memory of Oscar. She is afflicted by pain, and a difficult time begins for her. Kim will probably abuse drugs to try to stifle her pain or, even worse, she could take her own life.

Meanwhile, Josslyn and Cameron are getting closer and closer, intent on overcoming Oscar's death together. A tender love story could arise between the two. Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Harmony will investigate Willow, intent on discovering the truth about the child. Willow, however, won't trust Harmony, certain that DoD followers are very dangerous. Harmony won't let go and will push Willow to reveal the child's whereabouts. Shiloh will continue to demand clues about this and will force Harmony to hunt down Willow. Will Archer get to the truth? We'll know with the next "General Hospital" spoilers.